Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Trella | Happy To Be Here

With a soothing voice and sentimental message, Trella’s “Happy To Be Here” is a beautiful and heartwarming song that will help you realize what is truly important in life.

Trella is a young and incredibly talented pop singer-songwriter based in Nashville. She’s already self-released a couple of EPs including 2017’s Vapor and 2018’s Everything At Once, in addition to multiple stand-alone singles, the most recent being “Happy To Be Here”.

In “Happy To Be Here” she depicts herself during the holidays surrounded by her family and loved ones. After a long year full of ups and downs she takes time to pause and observe the love and joy that surrounds her. She realizes what’s truly important to her and appreciates being present in the moment.

The chorus is simple and powerful with just two lines:

“I’m happy to be here, I’m happy to be

Better to have loved than to live numb.”

A few of my other favorite lines in this song come in the bridge where she says:

“I got tired of looking at the blue light
Sick and tired of seeing life through their eyes
I wanna feel right
Trade it all in to be alive”

To me, this is a powerful message. So many people these days are consumed by their phones, technology, and social media. They compare their lives to others and feel depressed trying to live up to unrealistic standards. When you take a break from technology and choose instead to spend quality time with your family and friends you begin to feel truly alive and fulfilled.

Overall, this is a beautiful song both sonically and lyrically, delivers a positive message, and shows the true talent that Trella possesses. I’m excited and eager to hear what is next from her.

“Happy To Be Here” release date: 01.11.19 | Label: Self-released

Follow Trella on Instagram: @trellatunes | Website: trellamusic.com

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