Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Charli Adams | Backseat & 10th Avenue

Nashville is a city that’s bursting at the seams with aspiring singer-songwriters who sometimes struggle to find an original sound or style. So it’s incredibly refreshing to discover a local artist who is creating music that is all her own. Charli Adams is a breath of fresh air delivering an original sound with effortless grace.

If you’re not yet familiar with Charli Adams, let me just preface with – you’re welcome. She’s a young singer-songwriter, originally from Alabama, now based in Nashville, who is creating some excellent music.

Since all of Charli Adam’s songs are so great I couldn’t simply choose one to write about. So I decided to write a double song review for “Backseat” and “10th Avenue”.

“Backseat” is one of the main singles released by Charli Adams and has garnered attention from local press and radio. With spacey vocals and 80’s synth tones woven throughout, this song takes you on a smooth ride providing a brilliant glimpse of her unique sound.

But perhaps her most poignant song to date, in my opinion, is “10th Avenue”. When I first heard this song I stopped what I was doing to give it my full attention. Charli delivers an incredibly honest vocal performance where you can hear the sense of longing in her voice as she delivers the emotional lyrics “Well I just cried singing while the band plays the song about you. And I froze up because I thought I saw you walking 10th Avenue”.

One of the first songs I heard from her was this Acme Radio Session live performance of “Cloverland Drive”. It showcases her raw talent as a performer and songwriter.

While Charli’s catalog of released songs is sparse, she holds unlimited potential and is one of the local Nashville singer-songwriters that I’m most excited about. Fingers crossed for a full-length debut album soon.

“Backseat” release date: 05.10.18 | Label: Self-released

Charli Adams Instagram: @charliadams | Website: charliadams.com

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