Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Interview with nickname jos on his new single “SORE”

Emotional, and yet abrasive in the most inspirational ways, nickname jos is creating music that is quickly making its mark in the DIY Nashville scene. His latest track “SORE” is no exception.

Rich, layered vocals, over driving rhythms, with great dynamic range – the tune sparked lots of excitement over just how explorative this project from Josef Kuhn will be. We got a chance to ask him more about the song, and his plans for the rest of 2022. Check out the full interview below.

We’re catching you fairly early in this project, but your momentum is already building at an exciting rate, and it’s really cool to see. What are some goals you have for your music, and this song in particular? 

A goal that I have for my music is being able to share it at a rate that keeps my listeners guessing as to where my next route will go. I don’t ever plan to hide the fact that I don’t know where the project or sound will go, but that’s what’s so great about making art. I’m growing everyday and not creating the same song I made yesterday. 

I hope ‘SORE’ is able to show my project’s range and keep everybody on their toes for what I’m capable of. I’m just trying to have fun and make what comes out. 

Sonic inspiration seems to be pretty distinct for you. Who are some artists you’d say give you ideas for writing and production?

Definitely among my top right now considering ‘SORE’ would be Porches. I’ve been listening to his music a ton and was really digging Porches’ new record All Day Gentle Hold at the time of working on ‘SORE’. I was just really into the production all over that record. As far as overall inspiration I love Mk.gee, and the “always saying yes” mindset of Minneapolis artists such as Why Not and Baby Boys. Although super different, I’m super inspired by songwriters such as Adrianne Lenker, Katy Kirby, Justin Vernon, Runnner, and Dijon. 

Along those lines, how have you narrowed down your artist style, on both a sonic and visual level?

While grabbing pieces of each of those artists as inspiration, I think I’ve narrowed down my own style by realizing that I don’t have to replicate or follow what each of them specially do. I love Katy Kirby’s lyrics, Mk.gee’s production, Dijon vulnerability, and Justin Vernon’s powerful dynamics. I’ve been able to identify each of these inspirations so I can craft my own sound or vision for the music I make. With visuals, I am pretty wide open with any of my collaborator’s interpretations. Harrison Shook, who directed the music video for ‘SORE’, really took the project into his own hands and helped me feel natural in front of the camera so I could focus less on “how are we going to make this work” and more on the intentionality of the video. 

Can you tell us more about what the rest of 2022 is going to look like? Any touring on the horizon? 

I’m currently working on the next project right now, but over anything, I’m just focused on making music and growing everyday. I definitely have a bunch more songs to release this year that I am pumped about, whether or not they will be pulled into a full project or statement. I’ve been working with my friend/artist Eryiolet a ton, so we’ve got some crazy stuff in the vault to share. 

I really want to tour or at least play some more shows in the rest of 2022. Hoping to play my first shows outside of Nashville as well — just trying to figure out my artistry as an ebb and flow between finishing college, but I will definitely throw a couple fun shows the rest of the year!



“SORE” release date: 03.30.22

Image Credits: Chase Denton, Lucienne

Video Credits: Harrison Shook