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Interview with Crumbsnatchers on their new single “Keep Your Honey”

“Keep Your Honey” is a feverish indie rock song laced with the vigor of an 80’s nightclub that perfectly portrays the sound of local band CrumbsnatchersCrumbsnatchers was started by frontman Samuel “Guetts” Guetterman in Knoxville, his hometown, in 2012. The inception of the band can be credited to an experience Guetts had when he was 16. He was sentenced to a year in a faith-based juvenile detention camp where he was required to participate in a touring church choir. The choir was nicknamed “Crumbsnatchers”; Guetts took the name and gave it a new meaning. 

Soon after the bands conception, they made the move to Nashville, and have since been making their mark on the local scene. 

Crumbsnatchers distinctive sound glimmers with the likings of Beastie Boys, Pixies, and Talking Heads. Alongside this clear inspiration, the most notable part of their sound is their ability to create a rock song that’ll make you want to party.  Their biography says it best, noting, “their contagiously immersive music has a habit of crushing your inhibitions into a fine paste and then painting the world ‘PARTY’ on your brain with it.” 

“Keep Your Honey” is based upon the tale that if you take for granted what’s important to you, one day you’ll wake up and won’t have it anymore. This narrative is complemented by the sultry growl of Guetts’ vocals, and  the hypnotizing diversity of sound, guaranteeing “Keep Your Honey” to be stuck in your head. 

There is a lot of versatility within “Keep your Honey”, from the groove of the guitar to the layered organ sounding keys; these layers ultimately create the overall experience of the song. What is your favorite part/ favorite element of this song?

I think my favorite part is the range of dynamic this song has. At times it’s minimal and tight, then it cuts and reveals itself as an intimate moment in a dark dance club somewhere that feels familiar.

How do you find inspiration for your production, and what inspires these elements?

When finalizing “Keep Your Honey,” I was really digging into 90s hip-hop, and I think I had Ready To Die (The Notorious B.I.G.)on repeat for 3 or 4 months straight. I love the way old drum beats are sampled and EQ’d differently to sound fat and punchy. 

Kool & the Gang and the BeeGees are two easy go-tos for some feel good light hearted inspiration, but I also pull inspiration from moments I have with the people in my life. Trying to encapsulate a developed feeling you have about a person inside of tones and sound waves is a really interesting and fun challenge. Gusti Escalante (Keeps) who produced “Keep Your Honey,” does an incredible job of translating emotion to sound.

The whole concept for the song is referring to this idea that if you don’t appreciate what is important to you, one day you won’t have it anymore. Where does the concept, or the image even, of “honey” come into play?

“Honey” to me just represents the thing you find sweetest in your life. The thing that makes you excited to leave your house, or the thing that makes you excited to come back home.

Your background seems to tie in a lot with the conception of this band. The band’s name even was a nickname given to a boys choir you were a part of while enduring a sentence in a faith-based juvenile detention camp at 16. You weren’t allowed to listen to secular music during your time there, but you managed to obtain a copy of Radiohead’s “In Rainbows”. Has that album had any influence on your own music? Do you ever find yourself going back to that album as a sort of nostalgic muse?

I’d say it definitely has! I remember hiding under bunk beds sharing those walkman-style over-the-ear headphones listening to In Rainbows in the middle of the night. It was an album that could make me cry for a few years. It’s been several years since I’ve listened to it. Maybe it’s time to go back and listen again.

Can we expect anything else following the release of “Keep your Honey”? What is upcoming for Crumbsnatchers? 

Lots of new music in the works! I’m shooting to have a new album in the fall. We’re also on tour right now and we plan to stay touring! Super excited for our next Nashville show at Exit/In with Nordista Freeze on May 14th.



“Keep Your Honey” release date: 03.11.22

Image Credits: Homero Ruiz

Artwork Credits: Amanda Elman

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