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Interview With Cam Cool On their New Single ‘University’

Cam Cool consists of Knoxville Native, Nashville based twins Tyler and Aaron Cage. 

Their new single, “University”, is a bouncy indie rock song with the perfect blend of cutting lyricism and stuck-in-your-head melodies. It’s filled with nostalgia, shifting dynamics, and crisp guitars. 

The bands ability to deliver something engaging is the best part of their sound. In “University”  there is an excellent blend of studio and live sound recording that keeps the listener tuned in. 

In this interview Tyler and Aaron chatted with us at Streaming Dept. about brotherhood, time, and the conception of Cam Cool.

What’s the story behind the single ‘University’?

University is a song we wrote in college. College is such a transformative time for everybody, this song is about relationships and drifting apart from people you’re close to.

The song is pretty straight forward, and it’s probably our most driving and bouncy sounding song. It’s the first song we’ve written where we’ve realized, “Oh, we can actually have fun with our music”. Turning the page to this project, we really wanted to write fun music. A song can be sad lyrically or contextually but still have a fun and engaging sound.

What is the writing process like for the band, and how would you describe the sound?

We’ve never lived together to be able to cowrite, but we always write the music together. We come together with ideas and just nitpick each others stuff. We both enjoy writing alone but it’s nice to have a second ear to critique. 

Tyler: We’ve been told our sound has an R&B swagger type flow, and it’s because we write the melodies to match the guitars. Usually I write in off beats, or weird beats, because I don’t really write with math or theory in my head, I’m just writing. 

We keep the flow melodically and lyrically going throughout the songs. We’ve been compared to RKS, and I don’t think we sound like them, but they write very loose and lighthearted and I think our songs come out that way. 

Aaron: There’s almost a Katy Kirby vibe, and we drew a lot of production inspiration from COIN.

We grew up in a sheltered Christian home and didn’t listen to a lot of music, we just listened to a lot of Reliant K and Switchfoot. Growing up, we didn’t know a lot of mainstream music, and didn’t know a lot of it until recently, but we were writing a lot of music.

Where did the name “Cam Cool” come from?

We had a friend from Knoxville who’s name was Cam Cool, and we asked if we could bring his name with us to Nashville. 

We wanted to be under one Alis, and go by one name. We want to push an egoless brand and have a name that isn’t associated with either of our own names. It’s short alliteration that’s easy to remember and it fits. 

When did you begin to make music together as “Cam Cool”?

Aaron: I played my first show ever in fall of 2018 and this guy Chris B, our current guitarist, came up to me after the show and asked to play together sometime. Tyler and I weren’t talking at the time and had drifted apart. We had grown up together, then we went to college, and we wanted to be different from each other. 

We weren’t close but Tyler reached out suggesting we make music together. I wanted to work things out between us, and it just happened. 

I didn’t want to do it alone, doing music alone is the worst because you’re not sharing it with anybody. Moments are special, and playing in a band is the best thing ever.

We played our first show together May 1st, 2019, people liked it, and it felt right from the beginning. 



“University” release date: 09.03.21

Image Credits: Christina Coleman Pope

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