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INTERVIEW with Wilby on her debut single “Bad”

With all the problems and societal pressures in the world, it’s no wonder that anxiety and depression are on the rise, especially among younger people. Artists who are able to empathize with those emotions, identify those feelings, and authentically translate them into uplifting compositions hold a special place in our world. That’s precisely what Wilby accomplishes with her fantastic debut single “Bad.”

With “Bad“, Nashville singer-songwriter Maria Crawford, under her moniker, Wilby, has delivered a lovely introduction to her artistry and a warm, comforting song for the present moment. It’s hard to precisely pinpoint, but there’s an overall endearing and uniquely special quality with “Bad.” All the sonic elements, whether it’s the crunchy guitar, Wilby’s ethereal voice, or the indie cassette-tape tone, combine into a perfectly crafted and delightful wort of art. But the most important element of “Bad” is the lyrics. Wilby chooses quality over quantity as she proclaims her simple, but profound mantra throughout the song:

I don’t wanna feel bad today

If it’s a choice that I can make

Overall, “Bad” is a perfect introduction to Wilby’s artistry that makes me excited to hear more from her. She was kind enough to answer a few of my questions on “Bad”, her songwriting process, and more.

“Bad” is such a lovely song, and a beautiful introduction to your artistry. Can you tell us how this song came to life and why you chose it to release it as your debut single?

I’ve been working on this new project for a while now and when I wrote “Bad” I knew it would be the debut single. I want Wilby to have a sense of levity while also being vulnerable and authentic. “Bad” does just that. It’s sing-able and you can move to it, while also being honest and going beneath the surface.

I love the composition of “Bad” with simple lyrics that convey profound and relatable statements of overcoming depression. Can you share how your songwriting helps you tackle these powerful emotions?

I first fell in love with songwriting when I was battling depression in high school. I felt pretty isolated and lonely and the idea of processing emotions seemed really taxing, writing songs took less energy for me. Writing has since become like therapy; my feelings start to spill out and I begin to find healing in the process. 

Can you share with us how you became interested in songwriting and what were some of the influences that have shaped your sound? 

I grew up playing classical piano and was always a bit frustrated that I had to follow the notes on the page. One day I just started playing what I wanted to hear. I loved having no rules and found songwriting to be liberating. My top influences are definitely Patty Griffin and Carole King: personal yet universal and timeless. 

Nashville continues to grow with extremely talented young indie artists like yourself. How does this local music scene inspire your songwriting and artistry?

Nashville has always been such a kind city to me. It’s inspiring to be in a place with so much momentum. The community is so supportive, everyone is on each other’s time, while also maintaining their own unique identity as a writer/artist. I’m so grateful to be a part of it.

We’re eagerly anticipating more music from you! Do you have any more releases planned in the coming months?

Yes! Lots more to come very soon 🙂 




Badrelease date: 10.02.20

Image Credits: Linda Parrott

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