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Exclusive Interview | The Made & The Born | You Don’t Love Me Now

With infectious grooves and an undeniable melody, “You Don’t Love Me Now“, the new single from Nashville alt/pop duo The Made & The Born, is the latest example of this band’s incredible talent and potential.

Forming their friendship as college roommates in Miami, Julio Berrones and Joe Lamberson have since spent years developing a sound and style all their own. After moving to Nashville they formed The Made & The Born, have released a string of undeniable pop tracks and received support and acclaim from local radio and press. Their latest single “You Don’t Love Me Now” has quickly become a favorite of mine and one that is bound to land on many summer playlists.

Fresh off the release of “You Don’t Love Me Now“, they were kind enough to answer a few of my questions about the new song, future plans and much more!

What was the inspiration behind your new single “You Don’t Love Me Now”?

“We have always been fans Outkast’s – “Hey Ya”. They magically took a very sad song and made people dance to it. That’s what we wanted to do here. Write a song about a love lost and make people dance. We have always wanted to write music that made people forget their present circumstances and take them to a happy place.”

Who are some other artists that inspire you?

“We both love 90s rock – 3rd Eye Blind, Oasis, etc I think artists that really push boundaries like Frank Ocean or Chance the Rapper inspire us to be better. Right now we are big fans of Fickle Friends.”

What’s it like being an alt / pop artist in Nashville?

“Honestly it’s really awesome. I think there are some growing pains with the pop scene still in its infancy but there are def champions like Wes Davenport, Tyler Martinez and Joseph Copeland (JOCO) who are really supporting alt/pop artists like us. It’s going to be wild to see where Nashville pop is in a couple of years. There is a lot of incredible bands who are already doing really cool things nationally. We are just stoked to be apart of the community.”

You guys were a finalist in Lighting 100’s “Music City Mayhem”, what was that experience like?

“This goes back to the last question kinda. It was really cool to be included in a competition where a pop hasn’t really been featured in the past. Lightning 100 is another champion for all types of music in Nashville and it’s cool to see pop making some headway. Getting the chance to play a venue like Marathon Music Works was definitely a career highlight for us. Overall it was a great experience and because of it we had the chance to play Nashville Sunday Night at 3rd and Lindsley which was another really cool experience.”

You’ve released a handful of awesome singles, do you have any plans for an EP or full-length album?

“We would LOVE to. Right now I think releasing singles have told us a lot about what our fans like and what’s working for us as a band. We would love to hide away for a week in a cabin and do an EP with our boys Apollo LTD. I think some magic would come from that and we are working to make that happen.”

Any shows or tours coming up?

“We are participating in another Lighting 100 competition to play the pilgrimage festival. We also have a show lined up for Mercy Lounge in Nashville in August. Hopefully touring at the beginning of 2020.”

Listen to “You Don’t Love Me Now” on Spotify

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“You Don’t Love Me Now” release date: 07.05.19 | Label: Story of a Farm Boy

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