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INTERVIEW with The Flowers on their new single “Summer Saviour”

Overflowing with undeniable melodies, bright notes, and intoxicating vocals, The Flowers have delivered their vibrant new single Summer Saviour”. Hailing from Sydney, The Flowers burst onto the indie-pop scene in 2019 with “Truly Madly Sleepy” and Origami”, and quickly generated a serious buzz for themselves. They instantly became one of my favorite new Australian artists and now, after hearing “Summer Saviour”, I’m fully convinced that The Flowers have only just begun to show us the extent of their musical genius.

The Flowers, comprised of lead singer Agnes O’Dwyer and drummer Leighton Cauchi, create music that is impossible to ignore. Their perfectly crafted melodies embed themselves within your mind and leave you yearning for more. With only three songs released to date, each track is brilliant on its own but together combine to form a refreshing sound that is unique to this special band.

The Flowers are the real deal, and a band everyone needs to know about. So to help spread the news, I was thrilled to chat with The Flowers to learn more about their music, process and future plans. Here’s what they had to say:

Your brand new single “Summer Saviour” is an undeniably radiant and melodic song, and one of our favorite tracks of the year so far! Can you tell us how this song came to life?

Thank you so much!! This made us so so so happy 🙂 We wrote this song during a particularly brutal winter (or maybe I just can’t handle chilly weather – probably the latter to be honest). Anyways, the verse melody came to me when I was driving (dangerous I know)- I had to pull over and record a voice memo of it so I didn’t forget. We were toying with that high note melody being the chorus, but after a bit of thinking, we came to the conclusion that it was meant to open the song. From there, we jammed and jammed until we found a chorus that was just groovy enough and went running to the studio to lay it down pretty soon after. 

All of your songs are brimming with bright notes and the most infectious melodies. What does the writing / creative process look like for your band? 

It’s different every time. Sometimes it’s instantaneous in the jam room- a few chords are played, a melody is improvised on top and a beat is added and there you go. Other times we’re band-a-fying songs I write on my acoustic guitar and making them more “flowers-y”.

“Summer Saviour” is your third single after releasing “Truly Madly Sleepy” and “Origami” in 2019, and we’re eager to hear more. Can we expect any more songs this year or possibly even an EP or Album in the future? 

Oh you betcha! We’ve got soooo many unreleased songs at the moment its kinda driving us crazy, we desperately want to release them into the wild. We’ve committed to releasing an EP in the first half of this year, so watch this space 🙂

How did you meet each other and what inspired you to start this band together?

Leighton (drummer) found myself (Agnes – singer) on Triple J unearthed – I was doing my solo stuff at the time. We met up for the first time late 2018 and started jamming soon after. We left our first jam session with like 4 new songs, which is when we knew we had to see this whole band thing through. 

Do you have any upcoming concerts or touring plans this year where fans can see you perform?

We sure do! We’re playing in Byron Bay on March 8th for the AFENDS International Womens Day fundraiser concert. Then we’re back in Sydney opening for Teenage Dads at Waywards on the 12th March. Later on in the year we’re looking at putting on a show ourselves to launch the EP. Yeah playing live is pretty much our fave thing to do 🙂 




Summer Saviour” release date: 02.21.20

Image credits: Chris Lanzon

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