Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

INTERVIEW with The Criticals on their new single “Talk Now”

Fresh off the heels of their impressive debut EP, Mimosa Hygiene, released last year, rising Nashville rockers, The Criticals, have built upon their momentum with their new singles, “Kansas City” and “Talk Now.” The latest addition to their growing catalog, “Talk Now”, sets the stage for much more to come this year, while it delivers rebellious guitar riffs and a climactic hook that is impossible not to sing along with.

Led by Parker Forbes (lead vocals) and Cole Shugart (guitar), The Criticals is a band not afraid to crank up the gain on their amps, permeating your ears with an electrifying sound, brimming with dangerously infectious melodies and perfect tones. With each new release, their sound increases in strength and fearlessness, as demonstrated by their brand new single “Talk Now.”

I had the chance to see them at one of their concerts here in Nashville earlier this year and they blew me away. Their explosive chemistry and commanding stage presence prove that they are truly a force to be reckoned with. To celebrate the release of “Talk Now” I caught up with Parker and Cole to chat about their new single, creative process, upcoming releases, and more. Here’s what they had to say:

Your latest single “Talk Now” is an electrifying and contagious new track. Can you tell us how this song came together?

We have never been formulaic in our writing process. In December we wrote the music and then sat on it for a couple months. Earlier this year we pulled out the voice memo at our studio in Savannah, TN and started recording it immediately.

How did you guys meet and what inspired you to form The Criticals?

Cole and I met about 10 years ago through garage bands in middle school. I started The Criticals as a solo project, originally. I asked Cole to play a house party at the Mouth Hole in the early days, and asked him to join shortly after.

You guys have a smooth synergy and explosive chemistry. Do you always compose as a duo, or do you work with a full band throughout the writing process? 

Usually we write The Criticals songs together, but no song happens the same way. Sometimes I come with a riff, sometimes we just pick up guitars and play till something feels right, other times we drink a bottle of Wild Turkey and turn on the drum machine.

It takes most bands years to hone in on their sound and style, but right out of the gates you guys have already established your own unique aesthetic. Can you share with us your overall vision of the band and how intentional you are throughout your creative decisions, both sonically and visually?

 Parker and I write, engineer, record, produce, and mix the music. We work very close with our visual collaborators to build a world that accurately reflects the songs. We are extremely intentional about everything that comes out of The Criticals, as we have our fingers in every part of the process. 

We’re so excited to hear what’s next for you guys! Can you give us hints as to when we can expect more new music and if you plan on playing any live shows later this year once venues open back up?

We have a couple more singles and then an EP later this summer. We are stoked to get back on stage, when it is safe for everyone! 




Talk Nowrelease date: 04.24.20

Image Credits: Dylan Joseph

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