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INTERVIEW with sweater boy on his new single “boys”

Creativity comes in many different flavors as David Moran has delightfully demonstrated with his captivating solo artist project, sweater boy. After releasing his debut single “oceans” last year, sweater boy has returned with his excellent sophomore single “boys” to start this year on a positive note. The melody throughout “boys” is delightfully airy and smooth. While you listen, your cares seem to drift away as his melodies and lyrics harmonize in a divine assembly of sound. Every note, guitar riff, and drum snare is thought through with precision.

As a local Nashvillian, sweater boy infuses his own inspirations and perfection to the city that comes through with his new wave indie vibes. Producing his music as a solo artist has proven to be a skillful and detailed accomplishment in addition to his work with other local bands, Lemondrop and Geez Louise. As intent fans of his music eagerly anticipating what else he has in store for us, we caught up with sweater boy to dig deeper into his artistry and get the scoop on his up-and-coming music. Here is what he had to say:

Your new single, “boys” is a bouncy and imaginative song. What is your inspiration behind the track?

The time I wrote & recorded most of “boys” was really during a transitional period for me artistically; it took roughly six or seven months to really get this song right.  I started it in September of 2018 and finished it roughly in March of 2019.  So I was listening to Soccer Mommy’s Clean and Snail Mail’s Lush a lot.  And I found a lot of inspiration for the guitar sounds from Jay Som’s first two records.  They feel like they’re run through a cassette deck, and I really wanted to be able to replicate that feeling.  I later discovered Goth Babe and really fell in love with how he uses synth sounds in his songs, so I added some velvety synths that I believe really helped finish “boys.”  I’m obsessed with the feeling of driving around the city with your friends during golden hour with the music in the car is all the way up. I feel like that’s where the bouncy, anthemic feelings of “boys” originates.

Boys” is one of four releases in the last year; what are the upcoming plans for sweater boy?

I have my first EP coming out this summer!  I started working with a producer to really make these songs the best they could be. We don’t have a release date yet, as we’re still finishing up the last two mixes for the record. But we’ll have the next single out in late May or early June. Once this EP is finished, we’ll get working on the next EP.  We’re designing merch right now. Once we’re able to play in-person live shows again, we’ll starting touring. I want sweater boy to be one of the biggest names in the indie community (winning a Grammy would be pretty cool too), so I’m really enjoying the process it takes to get there.

As a highly involved up-and-coming artist in Music City, what are the challenges that have evolved your perspective to writing and composing music as just a solo artist?

One of the biggest challenges is that everything in the process is solely revolved around me. The inspiration, the lyrical content, and the production style is all based on how I want to represent myself to my fans and my new listeners.  In the other bands I play in, the process is roughly the same, except there’s more people involved. It’s very collaborative, and we’re feeding off each others’ energy to create something that we like.  That’s something you don’t really have as a solo artist.  So you really have to learn how to not tell yourself “no” whenever you write something because anything can be good if you let it be.  

You are an active member of a couple bands in Nashville, and have a new single coming out May 15th. Tell us about your other projects, Geez Louise & Lemondrop.

I play bass in the band Geez Louise. We releasing our first single called “Bomb Shelter” on May 15th!  I’d describe us as indie rock; some of our biggest influences are Beach Bunny, Wilco, The Regrettes, and Alvvays.  I’m really excited for everything happening with this group. I was the last member to join the band, so I’d like to give a shout-out to Instagram for helping me meet them!  I also play guitar in the band Lemondrop.  I’d describe this group as pop-rock with a mix between early Maroon 5, Joyce Manor and The Black Keys. We have three singles out right now with our most recent one being called “Strawberry Wine.”  We finished recording a new EP last month and are working on mixing it now! So hopefully you’ll be hearing about that fairly soon.

What artists are you currently listening to that you would love to collaborate with one day?

girl in red is somebody I’d love to collaborate with some day. She’s such a fun and versatile artist/producer; she just released a song called “midnight love” that is intricate and incredibly well-done.  I’ve been listening to her since she first started releasing music, and it’s been awesome to watch her grow from being a small SoundCloud artist to a major world-wide star.  I’d also love to collaborate with Goth Babe someday. He’s from my hometown (Memphis, TN), so I’d love to link up and work on a few songs together in the future.




boys” release date: 04.03.20

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