Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

INTERVIEW with Sam Rochford on her Music Video for “Bogus”

Indie pop artist Sam Rochford kicks back at difficult to swallow realities with fun energy and eclectic style. The artist’s recently released single, Bogus, brings listeners into her world where daydreams sometimes “get the best of you.” 

Rochford broke down the accompanying music video for Streaming Dept. and answered all our pressing questions regarding her inspiration behind her latest work.

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Can you give us a little background on your artistry and how this song, and video fits into that timeline?

I hate describing myself! I feel a lot of feelings and I like to write songs about people I’ve never dated. A couple months before lockdown, I started playing with a backing band who I have lovingly named “Randy and the Mormons.” This is my first video project that includes my full band, and it does a good job to show how we are in a live setting. Even though we are performing in someone’s front yard to nobody but the videographer, we’re still jumping around with lots of energy and having fun with each other.

What are you excited for with this video, and this song?

There are a couple of easter eggs in the video I am excited for people to discover. For example, there is a line in the song about me pulling out my teeth in a dream so I’m wearing a necklace of fake teeth. Everyone is wearing a different french maid’s costume and the band took a lot of liberties with their own costumes that I’m excited for viewers to notice.

As for the song I’m just hoping people connect to what I’m trying to say. I hope people whose dreams daydreams have gotten the best of them hear the song and it helps them feel less alone about it. We’re all single and suffering together.

What inspired the video? 

There is a trend on TikTok of guys dressing up in french maid costumes for their girlfriends as a sort of subversion to traditional forms of sexuality and masculinity. Another trend grew out of this where people take these videos, play the first few seconds, and then cut to them screaming alone in their bedroom as if to say “I want something like this so badly.” I sent a couple videos like this to my band’s group chat and the idea for Bogus was born out of those ideas of playful sexuality and longing. 

We also really wanted to do something where we all felt safe which is why we decided to play outside with masks on. My drummer Hux is in my “pod” so we shot some scenes inside without masks on. The idea for us to actually be cleaning in the french maid costumes was the videographer Seth Endleman’s idea. Now that I think about it, that might have been an elaborate trick for us to clean his house, but joke’s on him because we didn’t do a good job.

What can fans look for next?

They can look for another single to come out in the next few months! And as soon as it is safe they can look forward to sweaty house shows where everyone stands too close together and screams the lyrics of these songs back at me.





Bogus release date: 10.30.20

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