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INTERVIEW with Megan Brown on her new single “If I’m Honest”

In our society, it’s easy to fall into the mindset of comparing yourself to others or feeling forced to live up to unrealistic expectations, which often leads to feelings of inadequacy or failure. That’s why it was so refreshing to hear Megan Brown’s new single, “If I’m Honest“. It’s a song that not only sincerely expresses these emotions; but also celebrates the truth that each one of us has a unique value and is created with a purpose. It’s a powerful and reassuring message worth proclaiming, and one that Megan Brown does so well with her inspiring new song.

With “If I’m Honest” only being the second song she’s released to date, Megan Brown is still in the early stages of her promising musical career. But already this Nashville-based singer-songwriter has demonstrated her talent and potential through her strong voice and lyrical depth.

Megan very graciously answered my questions about “If I’m Honest”, her inspirations, future plans and more.

“If I’m Honest” delivers an inspirational statement about realizing one’s inherent self-worth and unique value. Can you tell us about what this song means to you and the message you hope it communicates to others?

Yes! Whenever I describe “If I’m Honest” to people, I always tell them that it is basically the story of my life in a song. I have struggled with identity and self-worth my whole life, but I didn’t truly begin the process of healing and changing my perspective until I chose to be honest with myself, others, and God. I didn’t need to look at myself in the mirror and give myself a pep talk, read self-help books, or be affirmed by others to see my unique value. I needed to look to God, the creator of my unique value, and ask Him to help me see it the way that He does. I hope this song changes the way that people view self-worth and self-love. I also hope that it encourages people to be honest about the way that they feel, and that they are able to experience freedom and healing through honesty.

The production of “If I’m Honest” builds from an almost quiet whisper into an epic crescendo. Can you tell us about how this song came to life?

My goal for this project was for the production and instrumentation to enhance the weight of the message. The song is supposed to capture a journey, and I think that the dynamics really make each emotion along the way come to life. I had the sound I wanted in my head from the beginning, it was just a matter of finding someone who could help me make it come to life. My producer, Foster , let me be involved in the production process, which made the song feel even more like my unique story. It was a team effort for sure!

This is your second release after “How Do You Love Me”. Do you have any more new music on the horizon?

I have a ton of new music that I am wanting to release. I’m hoping to get the ball rolling on a new project very soon. Stay tuned!

Nashville is bursting with extremely talented young artists like yourself. How does this local music scene inspire your songwriting and artistry?

I definitely find myself taking inspiration from a few local artists, especially in my songwriting. Co-writing has been extremely beneficial for me as a songwriter because it has given me an opportunity to understand multiple perspectives. All together, I think the local music scene has definitely challenged me as a songwriter and inspired me to dig deeper.

Who are some artists who inspire you, and who would be some dream collaborations for you?

I would love to collaborate with Ryan O’Neal, also known as Sleeping At Last. I think he is a genius and an incredible songwriter. I also would love to collaborate with John Mark McMillan because I think his artistry and songwriting are timeless.

Any shows coming up where fans can see you perform?

As of right now, I don’t have anything coming up. But, I hope to book some shows very soon.



If I’m Honestrelease date: 01.03.20

Image credits: Kyle Dawes

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