Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

INTERVIEW with Lombardy on their debut single “Don’t Wanna See You Round Here”

The past year led to many artists feeling disconnected from their peers, but five musicians already immersed in personal artistic endeavors instead found themselves channeling inspiration and creativity into a new, collaborative project: Lombardy.

Dropping their debut single, Don’t Wanna See You Round Here, January 15, 2021 the high-energy rock band consists of Jonathan Plevyak (vocals, guitar), Nick Stafford (bass), Ryan Rasmussen (drums), Ben Reiff (keys, drums) and Mike Scott (vocals, lead guitar).

Members of the emerging act chatted with us at Streaming Dept. about why they wanted to start a brand new project, separate from their solo careers, and what they hope to achieve with the new tunes and fresh sound.

With each of you maintaining solo projects apart from Lombardy, why choose to form a group now? 

Jonathan: I think everyone secretly wants to be in a rock ‘n’ roll band. Me and the boys all love rock music, so it’s an authentic part of us. It’s just really nice having a separate venture and creative outlet where it’s something really refreshing and new apart from what we all do individually. It’s like a side passion project that’s turning into a huge main focus for each of us. It’s so fun to be in a project that is super go with the flow, energetic and team work based.

Nick: We all have our personal projects to [allow us] share music that fits our personal sound and creativity. I truthfully think we have all been waiting for something like Lombardy to come around. The energy we all have when we play together is unreal and we seriously just have fun with the project.

Don’t Wanna See You Round Here, is a strong start to the year. What are some of your biggest goals as a group and with this music?

Nick: We have been super pumped to put Don’t Wanna See You Round Here out ever since we played it as a full band. Honestly, we are full steam ahead with Lombardy this year with our debut album coming out in the next few months. I truly think this is the project we have all been waiting for—a project with the five of us all working together and bringing different assets to the band—it just feels right. 

Jonathan: In short, I’d say domination. We really believe in these songs and think our sound is offering something new and refreshing both in the Nashville music scene and abroad as a whole. This project wasn’t really supposed to happen. That’s kind of been the magic of it. The whole experience so far has been very just going with our gut and spontaneous. Of course we want to have a strong strategy for the long road, but being able to blend it with what makes this band so fun for us. The beauty of not taking everything so seriously. Our branding is pretty comedic based – anti alpha male energy. We want to have really cool visuals and unique music videos and honestly after such a bitter year, just inject some fun and light heartedness back into the digital world.

Is Lombardy a permanent endeavor, or more of a fun, one-off approach to rock music for the five of you? 

Jonathan: The band for sure started like a one off and almost sort of an inside joke. We just kept cranking so many songs out and there really has been a magic chemistry and brotherhood vibe from the start. We of course are going to keep doing our own individual music projects, but we are going full steam ahead with Lombardy. It’s going to be a fun year.

Nick: Once we truly dove in and started writing all of the fun tunes we have all been hooked since and this has become our main focus musically. We are stoked to start playing shows and keep releasing a new, diverse array of music.





Don’t Wanna See You Round Here release date: 01.15.20

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