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INTERVIEW with Lola Marsh on their new album – Someday Tomorrow Maybe

After the release of several marvelous singles in 2019, indie-pop duo Lola Marsh has graced us with their sweet and savory sophomore album, Someday Tomorrow Maybe; and what an absolute treat it is. Lead by Gil Landau & Yael Shoshana Cohen, Lola Marsh creates a vibrant and delightful painting of life. The dance-able beats and unique lyrics meld together brilliantly forming a sincere perspective of life, love, and desire.

Every aspect of the album feels like that of a daydream that you don’t want to wake from. A cinematic dream with an impeccable soundtrack of songs such as “Like in The Movies” which carry you away as you sit in your 1970 Cadillac Eldorado, that baby blue vintage paint shining in the sun as the wind runs through your hair. The purity in their lyrics offers us a hand to hold on to while we move through life. Lola Marsh originates from Tel Aviv, Israel, but their album is universal. Prominently relatable.

We all travel through the day and none of us have any clues as to what is coming. True, and yet Lola Marsh asks to “dance all night with the broken and the weary”. The positive impression the album has is why we hope that the band continues their wonderful work. As proof, the soft melody of “Four Long Seasons” brings you close for a heartfelt embrace. And for a perfect ending to a long journey, Lola Marsh offers us a ballad of “Where Are You Tonight” that could just push your cares away like warm milk and honey.

We here at the Streaming Dept. were very excited to discuss Someday Tomorrow Maybe with Lola Marsh, and here is what they had to say:

Each of your new singles is so perfectly weighted down with substance, meaning, and beauty, that we feel like Someday Tomorrow Maybe will usher in Lola Marsh’s true “time to shine”.  Is there an overall theme or specific motif for Someday Tomorrow Maybe that you haven’t yet explored in your previous releases?

Yael: We are really proud of this album, we came much more focused this time, and knew where we wanted to go. We did it in-house, Gil produced the album, and we all sat in the studio and worked hard day after day, working on the arrangements and recordings.

Gil: We feel that this time we weren’t afraid to shine all the way and to show our true colors and our love to the epic – cinematic feel. We feel that this album is really us, and has a dynamic range of feelings, epic moments side to intimate tender moments.

Your latest single “Hold On” is what indie music can be romanticized to be, bewitching sultry tones and sweet vocals. With “Hold On” serving as the poetically heartbreaking precursor to your new album, can you share with us the inspiration behind this incredibly cinematic song?

Gil: I remember the day we wrote “Hold on”, we knew that we had just written a great melody and we were very excited about it. We kinda knew where we wanted to take the song in the production, from the moment we wrote it. We knew that the chorus needed to be wide and royal and the verses should stay intimate and cool.

Yael: This song was written about a chaotic and confusing time for us. We struggled to keep it all together- the band, our personal lives, and our changing relationship. It is such a great feeling to be able to put your basket of feelings inside a song and to let the song help you accept things that happen to you, it’s therapeutic.

Within only a few years Lola Marsh has developed such a rare purity within indie pop/folk world with your unique sound and writing style. As a duo, do you always write together, or do you sometimes develop initial concepts individually before bringing them to fruition as a band?

Gil: Thank you for your kind words. Yes, we always write the songs together, as a duo. the melodies are the thing that got us working together from the beginning, we are very synchronized in the melodies and can really complete each other. When someone has an idea the other one can really feel the vibe and complete it. Yaeli is more on the lyric side, but we usually sit together, discuss the lyrics and find out what is the message and meaning behind every song and if we both feel comfortable with it.

Yael: Sometimes the rest of the band members are involved in the arrangements, and sometimes we sit alone with the computer and work on the arrangements only the two of us. It depends on the song. Gil was the producer, and the captain of this ship, and also mixed a couple of the songs in the album with a friend.

Your band originates from a city with a long history and fascinating culture. How do your Tel Aviv roots have a creative impact on your music?

Gil: Tel Aviv is so great, it’s this kind of city that has everything. Great weather, amazing food, the beach, lots of artists, music, culture and this feeling of freedom in the air.

Yael: Gil is a true Tel Avivian, and I grew up in a small village and moved to the city 10 years ago. We are very inspired by life in this city. I’m not sure you can hear middle eastern vibes in our music, but in the lyrics, you could definitely find lots of inspiration from living here.





Someday Tomorrow Maybe release date: 01.24.20 | Label: Anova Music

Image credits: Michael Topyol

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