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INTERVIEW with LAVE on their new single “Dissonance”

Press play and drift away as the soothing sounds of LAVE wash over you with their new single, “Dissonance.” Based in Columbus, Ohio, Joey Biesiada (vocals) and Will Carson (production) brought together their combined talents in 2019 to fuel their music project LAVE. Embracing a quality over quantity strategy, they’ve released multiple stand-alone singles, ensuring that each track is a beautiful musical achievement on its own. The latest proof of this is their incredible brand new single “Dissonance.”

Their stunning new single is refreshingly simple with a steady chill beat, silky smooth vocals, and minimal electronic elements to weave together a song that delivers a calming vibe. The lyrics within “Dissonance” convey an emotional depth celebrating how beauty can be found even within discord and disparity.

Dissonance” has quickly become one of my favorite tracks of the year so far and made me an instant fan of LAVE. They were gracious enough to answer some of my questions about this song, their process, and more. Here’s what they had to say:

“Dissonance” is a gorgeous and entrancing song. Can you tell us the inspiration behind it?


“Dissonance” started as a voice memo on my phone last year. It was one of those songs where the structure and lyrics came together almost instantly. The first lyric I wrote was “I don’t get much sleep when you’re around, but I don’t mind”. I think this single lyric is a good representation of what the main theme of the song is. Essentially, it’s about recognizing that your relationship with another person isn’t always perfect but that’s what you love about it. I thought dissonance was a good way to describe this feeling. In music, dissonance is when two or more notes that lack harmony. When used correctly, dissonance can convey an emotion that’s arguably beautiful.

The production of “Dissonance” perfectly captures the emotion of the song in a smooth, simple, and elegant way. Can you share with us a bit about the creative production choices you implemented for this song?


The production of Dissonance is super simple, but we spent a lot of time developing each individual sound. It started with the piano chords and a vocal. I had an idea for a beat and didn’t want to use any “perfect” samples given how intimate the song sounded. I brought parts of my kit over to my desk and we recorded each drum individually and sliced the beat together. We then layered in some fx to make it kind of lo-fi/vintage sounding.

I was borrowing a chase bliss thermae pedal from a friend, which is such a wild sounding delay. We messed with it for so long until we found that dissonance delay throw in the chorus. Each sound that pedal makes is different, it’s never the same, so the song gained a lot of character with it involved.

Joey wanted to achieve a certain keyboard sound, so we layered several keyboards and pianos together, including a voice memo of him playing his keyboard at home. We also layered several tracks of bass guitar in different octaves to get a sub/finger-picked sound on the chorus.

Lastly, we have a cool vocoder that’s always been the centerpiece of LAVE. It probably took us 3-4 hours until we got that sound right to thicken up the vocal in the chorus and add more depth compared to the verses.
Altogether it’s simple, but filled with character, each part is special in some way.

As a duo, you seem to have a perfect synergy and chemistry with each other. Can you give us some insight into the typical songwriting and production process on your music and how you both work together to bring these songs to life? 


Our process changes song by song, but typically I bring a demo or voice memo to Will and then see where a song takes us. These demos are normally just me playing guitar or piano with a raw vocal mapping out the melodies and lyrics of the track. When we have a solid foundation for the song, we then spend time trying to dial in tones. I think the two of us work well together because we share an understanding of how we want a song to sound. Admittedly, I am not very DAW savvy and Will is extremely talented in this department. The blend of our talents helps make the process fairly seamless.

Your sound is a unique and effortless blend of multiple styles. Who are some other artists that you look to for inspiration?


I feel like every musician says this, but we listen to so many different artists. I’d say some of the most influential artists specifically for this project have been: The 1975, Foster the People, The Japanese House, and HAIM.

We can’t wait to hear more from you! Can we expect to hear any more new music this year?


Thank you so much for the kind words. Not sure if our next release will be another single or an EP, but the goal is definitely to put out more material this year.




Dissonancerelease date: 05.15.20

Image Credits: Ross Theisen

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