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INTERVIEW with KLARA on her debut album – Blossom

A truly Scandinavian creation relies on keeping all beautiful colors and tones blended to enjoy what is pure. Swedish singer-songwriter, KLARA, does just that by bringing her warm and delicate lyrics to flow in her newly released debut album, Blossom. At first glance, you cannot do anything but be moved by the extensive use of percussion, horns, and strings throughout her entire album. From the perfect trumpet in “Our Finest” to the seamless piano and cello in “I Can’t Speak for You”. The entire album is a gorgeous composition that melds itself together to deliver colorful music to your ears.

KLARA’s latest single and the album’s title track, “Blossom”, is a musical anthem encouraging us to find hope through our struggles. A powerful message for this day in age; one that everyone needs to be reminded of every now and again. We cannot grow without each other’s support. If you’re one of those “looking in from the outside”. I hope you find peace with KLARA’s new tunes.

“We’ve got a mission to be strong,

We’ve got a mission to find where we belong.”

We had the opportunity to discuss Blossom with KLARA herself; here is what she told us:

Many of your songs aim to pass along a specific message to your audience. What significance does your single, “Blossom”, have to you?

I wrote ‘Blossom’ on my way from Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) & Aaron Dessner’s (The National) festival Eaux Claires in Wisconsin. I was inspired by how they curated the festival and their great hospitality towards me and all musicians on site. Lyrically the song is about hopes and dreams, how we carry them with us close to our hearts and are sometimes too shy to show them to others. How we dream big and work hard at the same time as feeling fragile. How we all can feel lonely and isolated even while being surrounded by others. How even though we might have achieved many of these dreams that were once just a seed of thought, we somehow manage to still feel like we are the ones looking in from the outside.

What message and songs are you most delighted to share with fans from your debut album, Blossom?

I have written a few songs on this album that have messages with political undertones which is new to me, including ‘Voices’, ‘Falling’ & ‘Laura’. The darker the political climate has become the more I have felt the need to get my thoughts about these matters into my songs. The rest of the songs are more about my emotional inner world and how I digest my thoughts and feelings about life.

I like ‘Playgroundhouse’ & ‘Our Finest’ as they are positive upbeat songs which start and end my album with a folk/pop vibe that I love.

Two of my favorites are ‘Broken’ & ’I Can’t Speak For You’. I love the subtle sound of the Fender Rhodes that I play on ‘Broken’ and the dramatic Grand Piano on ‘I Can’t Speak For You’. I felt very lucky to record the album at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, such a breath-taking environment.

You have your own tranquil aesthetic sound. What does your writing process look like when you craft your songs and where does your inspiration come from?

Thank you! I always start with a few chords on either my guitar, piano or Omnichord. I then find the first few words that I feel fit the melody well. Then comes the hard part, to figure out what I want to say. I feel it has to mean something to me and hopefully to the listener too. I love lyrics that sit somewhere between poetry and storytelling. Next comes the fun part again, working more on the melody until I am truly happy. Finally, instrumentation, arrangement, and rehearsals followed by the all-important recording, mixing and mastering. I love working as a creative and collaborating with other creatives to express something together.

Are there any other artists you would love to collaborate with in the future?

I would love love love to work with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver. That would be an absolute dream come true. He is such a warmhearted person & super talented in every way. There are so many other artists I love that I would really like to work with such as The Staves, First Aid Kit, Ben Howard, Nathaniel Rateliff, Feist and Regina Spektor. All are absolute modern legends 🙂

Do you expect to be touring this year, and if so, what locations are you most excited to visit while on the road?

I long to play this record live and there are so many beautiful venues in both the UK and Scandinavia. I also have a dream of going to beautiful places in nature and to invite people out to enjoy the nature at the same time as listening to music. There are so few venues that close to nature aside from Dalhalla in Dalarna, Sweden & Red Rocks, Colorado, USA, two open-air concert venues in stunning settings…fingers crossed!

KLARA’s debut album, Blossom, is available today, January 24th, 2020, and is a must-listen. A personal favorite song of mine is “Falling”. The melody is riveting and the accompanying strings are immaculate. KLARA writes both her lyrics and music carefully to blend each note and word together where not one-piece seems off balance. Her entire album is spectacular and harmonious, a must listen this year!





BLOSSOM release date: 01.24.20 | Label: The Office Stereo

Image credits: David Yeo, Olof Grind, and Dave Chase

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