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Exclusive Interview With Kinn On Her New Single “Take The Wild”

With her first two singles “Atlantis” and “Take the Wild”, Nashville singer-songwriter Alyssa Kinn has orchestrated an impressive launch to her artist career under the moniker, Kinn. Not only is it an easy name to remember, but after you hear her music, it’s one that you will not want to forget.

Kinn’s music is captivating, ethereal, dreamy and brimming with lyrical depth. With her debut single “Atlantis”, released in September, and now her new single “Take the Wild” released on November 8th, she has written the compelling prologue to her artistic journey.

Kinn was kind enough to answer my questions about “Take the Wild”, “Atlantis”, Nashville, her future plans, and more! Read the interview below and get to know this incredible new artist.

Can you tell us about the inspiration for your amazing new single “Take the Wild”?

“Take the Wild,” like a lot of my songs, started as a poem. I do a lot of freewriting to process what’s going on in life and this song was written when I was facing a lot of confusion. I wasn’t sure what direction to go or what decisions to make. I thought I had to find the black and white answers. I’m a curious person, constantly observing the people around me and asking many questions. In that contemplating, a thought came to my mind that maybe there’s a wild in me that’s welcomed. Maybe that element of the wild is a catalyst for not limiting oneself, others, or circumstances. The wild, or the unknown, is not synonymous with bad or something to avoid. Stepping into that has yielded to waking up parts of my life that had fallen asleep. I’ve found so much meaning and peace in the in-between. This song is an ode to that discovery.

What did the creative process look like for “Take The Wild”?

I had a guitar riff I was playing around with one day and thought about that previously mentioned poem. I began singing the chorus out of nowhere and filled in the verses as an extension of the poem and my internal dialogue. I brought this song to Jason Wozniak, the producer of my EP, and we both had a clear vision sonically where this was going. Between the vocal layering, world instruments, electric guitars, and synths, “Take the Wild” came together pretty fast. We wanted to make this song feel big in the chorus and stripped back in the verses to have that contrast of emptiness and fullness.

Earlier this year you also released your fantastic debut single “Atlantis”. Can you tell us how that song came about and why you chose to release that as your debut single?

“Atlantis” was the first song I wrote that felt like mine to record. The idea came about when I was journaling a couple years ago. I wrote down, “I long for someone to know there is a lost city within me, an Atlantis soul.” I thought about how each person has this whole world inside of them, of stories, memories, songs, loss, love, ideas, dreams. Each person has a depth that can feel like a lost city, but there’s that hope that someone will discover it. “Atlantis” has taken many forms throughout the years, but when it was rewritten, an undertone of disconnectedness appeared. In this social age, communication can feel broken and it can be hard to get past all the noise. Nonetheless, the search for authentic human connection continues. It exists, but it sometimes takes that extra awareness to get past some barriers we’ve created. 

I chose “Atlantis” as my debut single because it greatly captures the lens in which I see life, people, and myself. The premise of the song is also asking the question, “Do you believe there’s more to me?” I thought this would be a good introduction as an artist, being that I have so much I want to say and create.

You’re originally from North Dakota, but now living in Nashville. What were some of the reasons you chose to move here?

Yes, I grew up in North Dakota and when I graduated high school I decided to move to Nashville to attend Belmont University. My dream at the time was to be a songwriter, so I wanted to be closer to where a lot of music was being created and where I’d have more opportunities. I graduated with a degree in Music Business and met many of my current collaborators and mentors there. I didn’t really know much about Nashville before I moved here, but it’s been the perfect place to grow as a writer and artist. Honestly, I was drawn to Nashville in a way I couldn’t explain, I had to go and figure out why.

Do you feel like Nashville has a supportive community for independent singer-songwriters and artists such as yourself?

I do. I have been pleasantly surprised by the encouragement of Nashville’s expanding music scene. At the heart of it, I still feel like Nashville is a town that cares about storytelling and the unique expression that goes along with that. I believe that people are still wanting to hear something new and fresh that hasn’t been done before. The talent here challenges me to write a better lyric, perform with more passion, and to keep releasing music no matter what. I wouldn’t be where I am without the people in Nashville who have guided me each step of the way as I pursue this. It’s amazing how many people in the industry will be open to meet, get coffee, and talk about what’s going on in the music business.

Who are some other artists that inspire you?

The Paper Kites, Bon Iver, The Lumineers, Sleeping at Last, Coldplay, Noah Gundersen, Young the Giant, Gregory Alan Isokav, Foster the People. 

It sounds like you might have an EP coming in 2020, can you tell us a little bit about that?

At the beginning of next year I’ll be releasing an EP of five songs. I’ve been writing songs for twelve years now, but only recently decided to record and release them as an artist. I chose five songs that I couldn’t picture giving away to another artist. This collection of songs really captures some staple feelings and moments I’ve been through that I felt led to share. 

Are you playing and shows coming up that fans should know about?

I’m in the middle of planning some shows in the Nashville area. As soon as everything is set in stone, I will announce the dates!




“Take The Wild” release date: 11.08.19 | Label: self-released

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