Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

INTERVIEW with golda on her new single “Under”

Edgy and fresh, golda has come in at full swing introducing us to her indie music potential with her new single “Under“. With dark lyrics and a vibrant melody, the riveting song takes us deep into the rabbit hole. You can listen to the track over and over again, and each time you discover a new captivating element of the song, whether in the melodic guitars, crisp percussion, or the haunting melody. A single to be reckoned with, golda has started the year on a strong note and only plans to release more.

Under” is the follow up to her 2019 single, “Wish I Was Someone Else” which delves into nature vs. nurture. The never-ending struggle of ancestry and an American immigrant story; where self-image and heritage tend to not meet eye to eye. And yet “it’s too late for starting over”; a phrase our generation knows all too well.

We had the opportunity to speak with golda about her music and her new single, “Under“, here’s what she had to say:

Your newest single “Under” is deep, ominous, and composed of passionately delivered lyrics. What inspired you to create this song?

I was dating someone at the time that was constantly in a place of self-pity and wallowing. Every time I tried to listen / cheer them up / gently steer the mood to a more positive place, they were unreceptive. They didn’t want to come out of depression, they wanted me to get in. This is an anthem of valiantly rejecting that. I had a session the day after we broke up and I suggested we write a song in the 166 BPM range so my friend Pedro Calloni started playing this dope bass part you hear in the beginning while Harry Burr began creating this really high tempo / driving drum beat, and the verse kinda fell out of that quite quickly. Then the chorus came shortly after, everyone in the room liked the lyrics / melodies I wrote so we recorded the vocals on an SM7B I believe. We finished it in a day or so. 

“Under”, as well as your debut single “Wish I Was Someone Else”, are both engaging songs that evoke powerful emotions. Can you share a bit with us about your production process, and what creative tactics you use to convey the personal subject matter embedded within your lyrics? 

My songwriting process usually starts with a series of chords / melodies / words / emotions that all start coming together. I write most of my songs on my converted 12-string martin to 6 string hodgepodge guitar (I bought it at Subway guitars in Berkeley when I went to school up there and it has this really beautiful deep resonant tone that always inspires me). I have my voice memos recording everything in case I write something in flow state and can’t remember what I did. I tend to build on an initial song idea if it feels like something special / beautiful / particularly cool. I write songs about whatever I’m experiencing in my life, whether that’s stress about my career / future, anxiety, my love life, my friendships, global warming, whatever. I really didn’t listen to lyrics until I was 22 when I was forced to improve my own so now I focus on ensuring the lyrics are special and say something important / honest. I work with various producers who help build tracks around the songs, sometimes with songwriters who work on the melodies / lyrics with me too. Sometimes the songs really flow right out of me and it’s basically done, sometimes it’s more of a slow crawl process. In the songwriting world, there’s this metaphor about how our songs come out of a sink and the bad songs need to pour out of the sink as well as the good songs and it’s all just part of the process, but I still get frustrated if they’re not done within the day.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how that has shaped your artistry? 

I grew up in a Russian Jewish immigrant family, first in Chicago then San Diego. I had a very suburban upbringing but my first language was Russian and I’ve always had a layer of Soviet sadness embedded in me. Anyways, listening to rock and roll was illegal in the USSR where my parents grew up so naturally my dad was obsessed with Pink Floyd / Led Zeppelin / The Beatles. Meanwhile my mom went to piano conservatory in Russia and has been a classical piano teacher her entire adult life (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach), so I was raised listening to two very different sides of the musical spectrum. From that, I taught myself how to sing opera when I was 5 as well as jazz and learned classical piano from various Eastern European teachers. I quit the piano at 13 and picked up the guitar at 16. In middle school, I became obsessed with Imogen Heap, Alanis Morisette, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes etc. I love highly emotive, intimate, beautiful dreamy music that still hits hard.

Do you have more music planned in the future, and do you have any shows on the books where fans can see you perform?

Yes! I’m in the process of releasing an entire EP / album, one song at a time over the span of 2020.  I’m playing the Lovesongbar in Hollywood March 2nd, Hotel Cafe March 28th 7pm. Check out my Instagram to be on top of upcoming shows / songs being released.





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