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Interview with Indie Pop Artist Gatlin on the Release of Her Sophomore EP ‘To Remind Me Of Home’

Nashville indie pop artist Gatlin released her sophomore EP To Remind me of Home June 25th. The EP features confessional pop alongside somber transparent tracks. 

The EP begins with the brilliant leading single What if I love You, an upbeat pop song with a driving chorus. It ends with Hospital, which is a raw retelling of her mental health struggles. It gracefully reveals all of the overwhelming feelings she had over the course of the pandemic. Although the songs are extremely different, they flow perfectly emphasizing on the reality of emotions. 

The EP proves her skillful writing with clever lines such as, “wanted a home, but I’m just a guest” as well as, “I don’t wanna hear you miss me when you’re close enough to kiss me”. 

It is also filled with gut wrenchingly honest lyrics like, “I find it kind of funny, how much pain I’m in, but I did it to myself and I’d do it again”. 

These 4 tracks feature purging pieces wishing for closure, shouts of love, and hard reflective truth. 

What is the story behind the creation of “To Remind Me of Home”? 

This was definitely my pandemic project. It was everything I had written during the pandemic and all of the phases and emotions I experienced throughout. All of the songs are different from each other, but that was where my life was at, all over the place. During the pandemic the main things I was going through was romantic mess and mental health struggles. 

This album features a lot of vulnerable songs that are also sonically pop. As a songwriter how do you find that happy medium between being vulnerable but also being vague enough for listeners to relate? Do you struggle with finding that happy medium? 

Pop writing can be very hard. I used to view pop music very differently until I absolutely fell in love with it. I am greatly influenced by singer songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Mamas and the Papa’s, and Fleetwood Mac, so I appreciate the detail but I know that isn’t always commercial. So, I try to add little pieces of personal details but I heavily rely on emotions within my writing. Even if the situation isn’t relatable, I know I’m writing about feelings that everyone else feels. 

The final track “Hospital” is a vulnerable confession of your mental health struggles. It is such an honest song, telling about your time receiving psychiatric treatment. Was this a hard song to put out?

Putting this song out was very hard. Mental health is becoming less stigmatized, but unfortunately receiving psychiatric help is still something a lot of people aren’t talking about without the stigma. I was nervous about what people would think of me, so obviously it was really hard, but I knew I needed to release it. 

What do you hope people take away from this EP?

I want people to feel okay with not being or feeling okay. The EP covers some dark stuff and I hope people hear these songs and know they’re not the only one who feels like this or like they’re the only one in a chaotic place. If you’re in it, that’s ok, it doesn’t last forever. I hope the music can help people feel more open to talk about what they’re going through.



“To Remind Me Of Home” release date: 06.25.21

Image & Design credits: Luke Rogers, Gabe Drechsler

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