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INTERVIEW with FAMES on their new single “what do I call u (ex sounds wrong)”

Quickly emerging within the LA music scene, pop/rock trio FAMES has consistently released numerous infectious tracks over the past couple of years, and this Friday will release their latest single “what do i call u (ex sounds wrong).”

Within a short amount of time, Ian Johnson (vocals), Wesley Chandler (guitars), and Blair Heumann (drums) have sharpened their sonic style and honed in on their own signature sound, filled with shimmering tones, crisp beats, and undeniable hooks. FAMES is an artist on the rise who continues to grow with each release, while their new track “what do i call u (ex sounds wrong)” serves, in their own words, as their “favorite song we’ve released as a band.”

We first interviewed FAMES last year for the release of their double-single “Hands + Love LA / Fuck LA“, and were excited to reconnect with them to discuss their new single “what do i call u (ex sounds wrong)” and much more!

Your brand new single “what do i call u (ex sounds wrong)” comes out this Friday. Can you tell us the story behind this song and how you brought it to life?

It’s just about the drastic change someone goes through when a breakup happens and that person you once held so closely is gone. You no longer know what to call them and it feels like calling them “ex” is like crossing them out of your life forever. Musically the chorus came first and once we understood where the song wanted to go it came together quickly. This is by far our favorite song we’ve released as a band.

You’ve been super busy with “what do i call u (ex sounds wrong)” serving as the fifth single you’ve put out this year alone. Can we expect to hear more tunes any time soon? 

Yes, more songs will be coming. We’d like to be known as a prolific band that releases a lot of good songs and gives people more to hold onto. Not just rely on writing that one big one to get us by.

You guys have great chemistry and have quickly developed a signature sound of your own. Can you give us some insight into the creative process of the band and what each member brings to the table during the writing/production process? 

Everything from day 1 starts mostly with Wesley demoing an idea or getting the bones of the track instrumentally in place. Then we’ll take it in with our producers and find the melody/lyrics. It’s extremely collaborative from that point on with all of us contributing ideas. It kinda took a minute for us to figure out a familiar sound for us to call ours. But also fun to release songs as we were doing that. Now it feels more like we know the recipe and ideas fall into place more smoothly.

With the current coronavirus pandemic bringing the world to a halt, what are some things you guys are doing as a band to keep your hopes up and the inspiration alive?

With everything going on first and foremost were staying home! Utilizing that time to write a ton and map out a gameplan for when the storm clears. Music is something we need more than ever to bring us together and help ease the isolation. Thankfully were lucky enough to have a team in place that we can all work remotely and still create together.

You recently performed at the Troubadour in LA. What was that experience like, and do you have any other shows coming up this year?

Playing the troubadour was a dream come true and our biggest show to date. We’ve still only played like 5 shows so to be on that stage with friends family and fans was wild. We can’t wait till venues are able to welcome people back in and were able to perform for LA and hopefully the world. We love the people who have believed in us and thank you for the support of our band since. We hope “what do I call u?” finds you in a time of need and eases the tension. We’re here for you and we will be together again soon. 




what do i call u (ex sounds wrong)” release date: 03.20.20

Image credits: Josh Telles

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