Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

INTERVIEW: Daniel Nunnelee Talks Upcoming EP Storyline With Recent Single – “Fireworks (The Last Time)”

Modern folk singer-songwriter Daniel Nunnelee dove into his process as an artist during this time of social distancing, and quarantine as he released two tracks a month, gearing up for his forthcoming self-titled EP. With a full version, and a stripped version of each track, Nunnelee conveyed a broad picture of his artistic vision as a songwriter and a musician. 

The most recent release, “Fireworks (The Last Time),” introduced the concept of the EP with the character of the story, Nunnelee explained, while the previous single “Oak Trees,” spoke to how he feels and the next song titled “Let It Out,” will be a message to others. Finally, “Colorado Song,” to release later on, will revisit the character depicted in “Fireworks (The Last Time).” 

Nunnelee emphasized that as he writes, he seeks to depict what’s on his heart and what he wants to communicate, first without an audience in mind, in order to pin down the most raw version of what he’s experiencing. 

With this latest release, Nunnelee said the storyline was influenced by experiences in his past, as well as musings of the future, but the most impactful realization was that as he releases the story into the world, it takes on different meanings to each listener. 

My goal is to write personally, while knowing that people are going to take it for what it is,” Nunnelee explained. 

The affirmation from others who have listened to the stories in the music, but connect to them in their own way, is what Nunnelee said drives him to keep putting out music.

This isn’t totally for me,” Nunnelee said. “At the end of the day, I hope my songs help people more than they help me. My songs are like therapy for me, which I know seems like a typical thing to say, but sometimes my songs will show me something I wasn’t aware of.” 

Nunnelee said he has found himself writing songs and then later returning to them and finding that he was expressing something he didn’t even fully acknowledge or know he was feeling at the time. That has proved to be true with some of his recent releases, and songs he’s gearing up to put out soon. 

But the exciting part of artistry, Nunnelee noted, is continually finding out what resonates with him, starting there, and watching it unfold into something he didn’t even have in mind in the first place. 

Nunnelee explained that until 2019, he didn’t fully consider himself a “songwriter,” and that the positive reaction to his music has shown him that the role he now finds himself in, is truly where he wants to be. 

I knew that I wanted to do that, but I didn’t know that I could,” Nunnelee said. “Now, I know what I want, I know I want to write songs for people to relate with, but at the end of day I’m just going to keep writing songs that I can relate with so hopefully people will also feel it with me.” 

Let It Out,” the next single on Nunnelee’s project, will be available everywhere August 21. 




Fireworks (The Last Time)release date: 07.17.20

Image Credits: Jacqueline Day

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