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Interview with Carver Commodore on their new EP “Too Much”

“Is it too much?” – a question many artists and musicians face when creating, but one that Alabama-based rock n’ roll group Carver Commodore isn’t afraid of. In fact, they embrace what might be “too much,” because it actually gives them room for eagerness in creativity.

The latest project from Clayton (keys), David (bass), Payton (vocals, guitar), Phillip (guitar), and Noah (drums), is a culmination of five years of growth, artistic development, and of course, lots of songs. When the group recorded their full length album “Welcome To The Modern World,” during the 2020 lockdown, there were a couple songs that didn’t quite fit the storyline. But the group knew those tracks still had a place and thus, the new EP, “Too Much,” was crafted.

“They’re not reject songs, they just lived in their own universe,” Payton explained.

“There are a lot of facets as to why [the EP] is called ‘Too much,'” David added. “Sometimes as a band we get called too much, we’re too loud, we’re too eager, too relentless as far as trying to get people to respond, or get on board.”

But fans of the band will tell you a Carver Commodore show is worth every single claim that they are “too much,”. In fact they just announced their summer 2022 tour, where attendees will get a chance to hear the new EP live over the course of 25 U.S. dates.

The group’s pride in their home state and their commitment to defining their own creative process – utilizing remote sessions, traveling to outside cities like Nashville, and even the intentional process of finalizing the band members which was only solidified in April of last year – is what truly sets the rock n’ roll group apart.

“We’ve been working at it for about five years now. Our thing is, we’re a rock n’ roll band from Alabama that isn’t a southern rock band,” Payton said. “That’s a little more rare. We haven’t moved to Nashville yet, or New York or L.A. and we don’t plan to at the moment – we’re proud to be from Alabama and proud to represent the state as a rock n’ roll band.”

You can get tickets for their summer tour, and stream the “Too Much” EP here.



“Too Much” release date: 05.27.22

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