Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

INTERVIEW with Bre Kennedy on her new single “Where Did Summer Go”

Written from the window view as time passed her by, Bre Kennedy’s latest single Where Did Summer Go gives the feeling of frustration a melody. Kennedy, who’s spent the last year working on her first full-length studio album, told Streaming Dept. the track came together rather quickly but belonged alone, separate from the upcoming record with room to land and breathe.

Written with Brian Brundage, the song gives listeners a chance to reckon with the weight of recent months. While anger can often seem inexpressible, Kennedy challenges that reality with a beautiful, brooding single.

With the inspiration behind Where Did Summer Go, being one that many artists can relate to, how do you hope this single translates to your current audience? Do you have specific goals for this release?

I wrote this song as a way for me to personally process how I was feeling after watching the world fly by outside of my window this year. This was my “war cry.” I hope that when someone hears this song they are able to express, release, get out some of their own frustrations from a heavy season and let it go. The end of summer makes way for a new season. 

My only goal for this release was to release a song that helped me heal through this dark time in hopes that it connects with others. I am working on my album at the moment and when I wrote this song it felt right to put out into the world now.

Is there a storyline to your upcoming album that this song falls in line with?

This song came along in the early stages of me writing my record, it just felt like it needed to stand alone. At the moment I don’t believe it will be a part of my record, this song feels like it belongs just as it is.

What sonic elements did you choose to help convey the message of the track? 

The whole song started with a really eerie beautiful electric guitar part performed by Brian Brundage who I wrote the song over Zoom with. We wanted a guitar part that felt tired, surrendering, swimming in reverb to give a feeling of being consumed by a heavy feeling. And then in the studio, we added elements of hope with bright acoustics and harmonies. This song feels like surrendering to a feeling.

Was there any particular experience, or moment during this last summer, that prompted you to move forward with both writing this song and now releasing it?

After the events that occurred this year, I found it hard to write any songs. I was feeling so heavy and my heart was bleeding for the world around me. But, when I started to push myself to sit at the computer and write over Zoom and on my own, it was always next to the one window in my living room. I had seen most of this year through that window and wanted to write a song that portrayed that.

What can listeners expect from the forthcoming full-length record?

A much closer look at my story.




Where Did Summer Go release date: 10.30.20

Image Credits: Lindsey Patkos

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