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Interview with Alexa Cappelli on her new single ‘Say Something’

“We all know the phrase ‘if he wanted to he would’,” pop artist Alexa Cappelli says, “but is there a song to express the way we feel about it?” Well now, there is.

Say Something, the latest single from the LA based songwriter, gives listeners a chance to sigh in frustration but then dance it off when a potential partner is giving mixed signals. The track, which just recently hit 1 Million streams on Spotify, has propelled Cappelli into modern pop arenas, alongside other artists like Brooke Alex, Julia Michaels, and Lennon Stella.

We sat down with the artist and asked her to dive into the songwriting process and inspiration behind the new tune.

Tell me a little bit about your journey as an artist – from time spent on The Voice, to an EP in 2019, and now some breakout singles – where do you feel you’ve landed in the past couple months? 

It is honestly wild to see not only how much my music has shifted since my time on the show, but also my own personal confidence as well. When I auditioned for The Voice, I was just a girl who liked to sing. Now, as a developing artist, I am growing more and more into who I want to be while getting to tell parts of my story with each release. I’m grateful for every fan and friend made along the way. Since then, I would consider my growth to be exponential and can’t wait to see what the next three years hold.  

Your aura as a songwriter and creative seems to spin a bit from the breakup pop world. How would you describe your persona as an artist and the attitude you hope to present to your listeners? 

My discography, at least recently, has been about people I’ve crushed on, but have never actually dated rather than actually breaking up. It is a sector of that world for sure, but I desire to release music that is fun and powerful whether it’s about fear in moving out of my childhood home, or not waiting around for some guy to make a move on me. I love and am inspired by bright colors and sounds and when music makes me want to dance around the kitchen like an idiot. 

Say Something specifically has seen lots of success through some previously unconventional and now normalized methods, such as TikTok. What has the process been like for you to utilize new ways to get your music into the hands of new fans? 

TikTok has been a great platform to reach new listeners! I am really grateful that it shows the content I make to the people who want to see it. Engaging and talking with fans about what they love about the song, or how it impacted them is always a pleasure. Promoting on social media can sometimes feel like a chore, but when I remember who it’s for it becomes fun for me. I love connecting with people. 

Diving deeper into this song, what’s the backstory? When did you write it? 

I had a session with my friend Gavin Hudner the day after my previous single “Can I Come Over?” came out in January 2021. We started talking about the introvert’s struggle of speaking up in “wanna-be” relationships. Who should make the first move? My crush at the time had just found out that I liked him and the conversation was definitely awkward, with a hint of regret wishing I had just taken the chance. But in that session, we decided that if he really wanted to be with me, he would’ve said something. I took the song to my producer, Aaron Aiken, and we touched it up, tweaked some lyrics and the rest is history! 

Is there a specific goal you have in mind with a song such as Say Something?

 Nobody can really expect how well a song will do, but I am so thankful for all the love I’ve received so far. I am looking forward to this next era of songs that I will be releasing and SAY SOMETHING was a great kickstart to it. 



“Say Something” release date: 05.21.21

Image & Design credits: Nick Cappelli, Autumn North, Adam Quinn, Blake Silva

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