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Middle Kids | Lost Friends

Besides being a brilliant debut full-length album, Lost Friends by Australian based band, Middle Kids, was also easily the album I listened to the most in 2018, by far. My wife and I both adored the album, especially after seeing them play at the High Watt in Nashville, but it was our son who was only about eight months old when the album was released who became obsessed with it. For any new parents out there you know that you will do anything to find a solution to get them to sleep, and for some reason our little boy was always calmed and lulled to sleep when we listened to Middle Kids. It’s peculiar because some of these songs are high energy alt / indie rock tracks, not exactly lullabies. But regardless we’d start the album, playing it in order while rocking our little boy and most of the time when the fourth track “Maryland” finished playing he’d be fast asleep.

I wanted to share that story just in case the band happens to read this and have been trying to figure out why they have an unusual number of streams of the first four tracks on the album coming from listeners in Nashville. You can thank us. 🙂 We’ve listened to it basically everyday since it was released and we still are just as in love with it now as we were on day one.

Led by vocalist and guitarist Hannah Joy, and accompanied by her husband Tim Fitz (bass) and Harry Day (drums) Middle Kids burst onto the indie / alt rock scene in 2018 with their infectious single “Mistake”. As soon as I heard “Mistake” I was an instant fan of the band.

Despite being relatively unknown in the US, Middle Kids were able to lock in some awesome late night TV performance slots such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, Conan O’ Brien, and The Late Late Show with James Corden to show off their skills and reach new audiences.

“Edge of Town” is an undeniable highlight track on Lost Friends.

As I mentioned earlier, “Maryland” is another favorite. It’s also one of the more intimate songs on the album. With beautifully crafted lyrics, drawn out harmonies and serene guitar tones this song offers a delicate departure to some of the more hard hitting songs throughout the album.

Perhaps the hardest hitting chorus on Lost Friends comes in the song “On My Knees”. This song delivers a huge knockout punch in the best sense of the word. By the time this song hits you’re dazed and confused thinking, “Why isn’t this band the biggest thing in the world?!? They kick ass!!” This song also has one of my favorite ear-candy moments, around the 2:03 mark Hannah adds a little “Ugh” before she dives back into the chorus. It adds a small element of emotion to convey the passion they’re pouring into their music.

“Please” is another epic song that delivers a driving guitar riff and pounding drums to lift Hannah’s soaring vocals into the stratosphere to create a memorable moment on this album.

As you already realize I love every song on this album and could write forever on it. But one more song that I’ll mention is their closing track “So Long, Farewell, I’m Gone”. It’s almost as if the band was thinking, “You know we should throw one more song in there that blows the listener away and shatters any doubt in their mind that we are amazing.” In this closing song Hannah delivers an insane vocal performance that gives you chills and leaves you wanting so much more.

Middle Kids are poised to release even more incredible music in 2019, keeping their fans (like me) very happy.

Lost Friends Release Date: 05.04.18 | Label: MK Recordings / Domino Recording Co.

Follow Middle Kids on Instagram: @middlekidsmusic | Website:middlekidsmusic.com/

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