Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Interview with Love You Later on her new single “Keepintouch”

Love You Later – the solo artist project of Nashville songwriter Lexi Aviles – carries everything you love about pop music, and more. Emotional, yet fun, bright colors and eccentric style, these songs have got our attention and we just can’t get enough.

The latest track from Aviles – “Keepintouch” – marks an exciting start to 2022 for the artist and we have all the details behind the tune in our interview this week. Check it out below!

Can you tell us the story behind this song? What inspired you to write “Keepintouch”?

It was late summer of 2021 and it felt like the people I loved most were leaving all at once. My boyfriend had just left to go on tour, some friends had moved away, and some friends started finding themselves busy with other things and people. It was a really lonely and isolating time for me and I found it hard to truly be happy for my favorite people. But even deeper than that, I realized I wasn’t happy and had been selfishly blaming and resenting them for my own sense of feeling distant from myself even though it was my weight to carry. That pill was hard to swallow but I’m so happy this song came out of it and hopefully lots of listeners will be able to connect to it.

This single lands at quite an exciting time for you – with your recently packed out Nashville show at Basement East, and more to come this year – how are you feeling? How would you say 2022 is shaping up for you? 

Yes, the Basement East show was so fun! 2022 has been very exciting so far and I’m really grateful for the growth I’ve felt even since 2021. I have more music on the way and am hoping to get on the road and play more shows this year, so stay tuned!

We’ve been following your music for quite some time now and have loved seeing both the sonic and visual direction for each release. What inspires the visual components? How do you connect them with the alt-pop instrumental direction of your tunes? 

Well, thank you so much! For visuals, I see and feel colors, themes, moods, etc. when I’m making the song so it’s usually not hard for me to translate that onto a moldboard and then to a visual artist, photographer, videographer. During the making of ‘Keepintouch’, I envisioned themes of isolation and space with darker, moodier colors because of the context and sentiment of the song.



“Keepintouch” release date: 03.18.22

Image Credits: Audrey Bergeron

Video Credits: Chase Denton