Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Ele Ivory mourns the friend zone with “Gin”

Poetic, personal and all the best parts of modern pop paired with a storytelling theatrical performance – Ele Ivory paves a way for hopelessly romantic, unabashedly dramatic listeners to loose themselves in stories of unrequited love, broken relationships, frustration with loss, and longing for connection.

“Gin”, as Ivory describes it, “soulfully explores the unique heartbreak a crush can inflict by leading you on. The verses—whose staccato piano evokes the uncertain, emotionally jarring nature of ambiguous relationships—smooth into full choruses enriched by bass, electric guitar, and velvety vocals.”

Produced by Moss Flower Pictures, the video is a beautifully tragic depiction of the emotions felt while in the friend zone. Explaining the personal experience that led to “Gin”, Ivory says “everyone thought we were dating, and he just wasn’t being honest with me. We never even talked about it; I think that was the hardest part. It was just this unspoken thing that made me feel like the crazy one.”

But “Gin” gives listeners a chance to dance with the frustration and explore the true intricacies of flirtation-ships or blurred romantic lines.



Gin music video release date: 02.24.22 

Image and Video credits: MossFlower Pictures

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