Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Abigail Osborn cuts deep with “Ruin Your Night”

Pop music can be fun, energetic, emotional, superficial, and everything in between. But what’s exciting is when an artist finds a way to merge the engaging attitudes classic of the genre with their own personal stories and struggles. Sometimes those songs can even cause listeners to take a look at their own hearts and habits, maybe putting words to something they hadn’t quite realized about themselves.

Abigail Osborn – Nashville based indie pop artist – finds a beautiful way to do just that. Her new single, “Ruin Your Night,” the first off her forthcoming album, dives audiences right into the heart of the matter – lost love, fickle relationships, and introspective reflection, hinging on brutal honesty.

We caught up with Osborn to hear all the details behind this new track, and premiere the music video alongside it, (the first of many we’re told). Hear straight from the artist below, and be sure to keep an eye out for the rest of her project this year.

As the first single off your new album – what excites you about starting the project with this drop? Is there any particular reason you chose “Ruin Your Night” as the first release? 

I’ve built a whole word around this release, and this song feels like the best introduction to that world. I’m excited to show my listeners the dynamic range that this project holds, and this felt like a really strong and upbeat choice to start that off with. I also think that it captures the sentiment of the project so well. Each of these songs on the project plays a specific role in a storyline, and this song feels like the beginning of my realization journey that the reason why relationships aren’t working out for me may actually be my fault.

This song feels pretty brutally honest to me. What can you share about the inspiration behind it, or why you wanted to dive into this topic with your audience? 

I wrote this song just shortly after a breakup from a relationship that lasted a grand total of 3 weeks. I felt pretty affected by this one this time – not so much because I was upset to lose this person, but because it really started to hit me what a pattern this kind of thing was for me. I seem to get just invested enough with someone to hurt them, but won’t allow myself to actually dive all the way in. I notice this being a common theme amongst quite a few people my age, and felt like it was something I needed to be open and honest about to inspire others to take a look at their patterns as well. 

The dynamic range of the song is really captivating. What leads you to those choices in the production, or even writing, stage? 

My goal with this song was to emulate the emotional highs and lows that I’m singing about. I wanted the chorus to feel big and bold, but also wanted to remind the listener just how vulnerable the topic is for me. Production wise, Mark Siegel (who produced the entire record) and I were really careful about the choices we made to get that point across. We spent a lot of time getting just the right room noise to sit my acoustic guitar takes in, and were really careful about building out a track that felt full and fun while still keeping those raw elements. 

Is there anything in particular you’d say sets this single, and your upcoming record, apart from what you’ve released so far? Have you noticed any changes, or developments in your own creative process as you’ve worked on this project in contrast to previous releases? 

This record feels the most “me” something has ever felt. I spent the past year really digging into what it was I had to say and how I wanted to say it – and this project feels like exactly that. The biggest change I’ve felt over the past year is the confidence I have in my work. I am more free than ever to say exactly how I’m feeling without holding anything back, and that has taken a lot of growth on my part to land myself there. The process of making this record was also the most fluid a creative process has been for me thus far. It was really helpful being able to work with Mark on all the songs in cohesion. It gave me the time and space to really drop into the project as a whole and we came out with something we’re so proud of. I’m so excited to introduce people to this little world that is the record. 

What should we be getting stoked about to see from you this year? Anything in particular you’d tell friends and fans to watch out for in the next couple months? 

A whole bunch more songs, and videos, and shows, and new merch, and other stuff too! I’m releasing a song every month this year and couldn’t be more stoked about that. Feels like it’s been a really long time coming, and at this point I’m just getting so eager to share all this work with my listeners and friends, and eager to make new ones too.



“Ruin Your Night” release date: 04.08.22 

Image Credits: Acacia Evans

Artwork Credits: Harrison Kratzer

Video Cinematography: Nicholas Banos

Video Editing: Isaac MacDonald

Video Directing: Annabelle Osborn, Abigail Osborn