Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Novo Amor & Gia Margaret | No Fun / Lucky For You

I’ve written previously about Gia Margaret, the incredibly talented Chicago-based singer-songwriter, and her brilliant debut album There’s Always Glimmer. But earlier this year Gia Margaret collaborated with UK-based singer-songwriter and producer Novo Amor (Ali Lacey) and together they released a couple of beautifully serene songs, “No Fun” and “Lucky For You“.

The two met last year and after developing a friendship they quickly realized their collective creative chemistry and decided to produce something special. Novo Amor described the process by saying:

“Gia and I met in Atlanta last November. It was raining, a lot. We spent the first weeks of winter travelling around the country, playing shows together, recognising our creative likeness and just becoming friends. ‘No Fun’ and ‘Lucky For You’ were written and recorded together over a long weekend at my home studio in Wales. We saw a bridge across our usual geographical divide and said “hey, let’s make some music!”. It feels almost against our nature to try and explain this. 

We had no preconceptions. We just love music, the process of making it, how it can make you feel and what it can do for people. I think it’s just something that we wanted to share.”

Both of their songs are excellent, but “No Fun” is my favorite. Lyrically this song tackles repressed memories, feelings of regret, and confronting one’s mistakes and shortcomings. But the whispering harmonies and smooth, peaceful melody bring a sense of calm and tranquility.

“Lucky For You” is written from the perspective of someone who feels empty by themselves, but gains a sense of belonging, self-worth, and completeness when with their significant other. Again, Gia Margaret and Novo Amor’s harmonies and simplicity deliver introspective lyrics in a peaceful tone.

The combination of Gia Margaret and Novo Amor feels natural and pure. The resulting music is an enchanting expression of their combined styles and personalities. I’m so happy they collaborated to create these songs and hope they create more in the future.

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“No Fun” / “Lucky For You” release date: 03.01.19 | Label: AllPoints

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