Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

luz | i’m lonely

Woven tightly in between the delicate piano notes of her sophomore single, “i’m lonely“, come the smooth and unfiltered vocals of Luz, a young Irish singer-songwriter pouring out her heart in a powerful form of expression and emotion. With each line, her voice reveals a depth and raw emotional maturity seldom found among artists of such a young age.

Luz is a new artist with immeasurable natural talent knocking on destiny’s door. For the past few years, she has captivated hundreds of thousands of fans around the world with her brilliant covers of artists such as Kodaline, Ed Sheeran, Dua Lipa, Dermot Kennedy, Dean Lewis, and more. After releasing her debut original single “Unconscious” in 2018, she has now followed it up with her impassioned sophomore single “i’m lonely“.

With “i’m lonely“, Luz demonstrates her all-encompassing talent as a songwriter and captivating performer as she effortlessly draws you in, connecting on a fundamental level. This song is an example of a pure untainted work of art that is driven by the passion of the performer. Within her stirring lyrics, she conveys the picture of a relationship that once comforted her but has now broken down resulting in the feeling of isolation and abandonment. It’s not overproduced or complicated, it’s simply an expertly written song delivered by a powerfully moving performance.

It’s always so exciting discovering artists like Luz who seem to come right out of the dates with their own unique sound, style, and vision. Needless to say, Luz is a must-watch new artist poised for boundless possibilities. I’m eager to hear more from this incredible new artist.




i’m lonely” release date: 03.27.20

Image credits: Harvey Pearson

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