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Katie Pruitt | Expectations

Finally, Katie Pruitt, one of Nashville’s most talented and exciting young singer-songwriters, has released “Expectations“, the incredible lead single and title track from her highly anticipated debut album, due out February 21, 2020, via Rounder Records. “Expectations” is a magnificent song that sets the stage and leaves us eagerly anticipating what’s bound to be an extraordinary debut album from this powerful artist.

I’ve been a fan of Katie Pruitt’s for a while now and previously wrote a review of her OurVinyl Live EP which you can read here. But I was extremely excited about the release of “Expectations” and can definitely say that I’m continually impressed by each new song she releases.

“Expectations” features Pruitt’s powerful vocals, beautiful guitar tones, and showcases her skill as a songwriter. It’s a coming-of-age song describing the pressure that many young people feel to rush into adulthood and realizing how they should hit the brakes and take time to enjoy their youth by living in the moment. The music video perfectly captures this sentiment by showing Pruitt and her friends enthusiastically bursting out of the school doors and heading out for a night on the town, concluding in a party with an impromptu concert by Pruitt for her close friends.

With “Expectations” you can already tell that her upcoming album will be full of songs that will not only be musically captivating but will also deliver lyrical maturity and depth. Katie Pruitt revealed the meaning behind “Expectations” in this statement.

“Feeling crushed by the weight of my own expectations, I realized a shift of perspective was all I needed. We are conditioned from an early age to feel that we need to have our whole lives figured out, right this second. When often times, we’d get there quicker if we’d only learn to relax. There is wisdom in not knowing, there is freedom in spontaneity and there is courage in letting go. Sometimes you just need to climb a mountain, smoke some pot with your friends, and stop giving so many fucks.”

If you haven’t had the chance to see Katie Pruitt perform live in concert yet, drop what you’re currently doing and go grab tickets to her next show in your area. She’s an incredible live performer and will be on tour this fall with Langhorne Slim and The Wood Brothers. You can get tickets here.

Listen to “Expectations” on Spotify here!

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Expectations” release date: 09.13.19 | Label: Rounder / Concord

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