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INTERVIEW with The Hunting Birds on their new single “Catch Up”

With vibrant energy, smooth harmonies, and an incredibly infectious melody, Melbourne three-piece, The Hunting Birds, have returned with their explosive new single “Catch Up.” Upon first listen, you become immediately transfixed by the perfect guitar tones and silky vocals before being hooked by the captivating chorus. It’s a song that instantaneously caught our attention and quickly became one of our favorite discoveries of the year so far.

Comprised of Connor Minervini (vocals/guitar), Kendra Fewster (vocals/keys), and Chris Mackenzie (guitar), The Hunting Birds have already made an impact through multiple singles as well as their 2018 debut EP, In Its Nature. Now with “Catch Up“, The Hunting Birds have launched into a new chapter of their artistry embracing more of their pop sensibilities while maintaining their foundational folk style. It’s a dazzling first taste of their new music and an exciting glimpse into what the future holds for this talented band.

With their undeniable chemistry and incredible sound, we were eager to talk to The Hunting Birds to learn more about “Catch Up“, their creative process, and their future plans. Here’s what they had to say.

Your new single “Catch Up” is vibrant, anthemic, and uplifting. Can you tell us how this song came to life?

That’s a lovely description, thank you! We got together with our producer Joel and kind of started spitballing ideas, trying to tap into some emotions that we haven’t really touched on as writers. It eventuated in this idea of being out of sync, this kind of two steps forward one step back kind of situation that we felt was a really common theme in relationships and friendships.

“Catch Up” delivers an optimistic and reassuring message. What message did you hope to communicate to the listener with this song?

I guess for us in the process of writing the song, although the subject is kind of a retrospective in the beginning, we really wanted to bring the story to the current day by the last chorus. Just to have that reassurance that although playing this sort of emotional game of tag, it’s all kind of worth it in the end. Some things in life take time and compromise, getting over those adversities was something we wanted to make sure we delivered in its story.

“Catch Up” is an explosive addition to your catalog. How has your songwriting evolved from your previous releases? 

I think at the end of last year we started getting tired and scared of repeating ourselves with our new releases. We had recorded a couple of tracks that ended up getting scratched and we found ourselves with our backs against a wall in a sense. Kendra and I eventually backed ourselves as songwriters and really dug in deep to find our “Pop”. We love folk music, it’s a part of who we are, but something needed to change. We really leaned into being “unapologetically hooky” and not wearing the shame that can come with moving into a more commercial genre. We love Pop tunes and it turns out that we love writing them as well. The evolution feels amazingly liberating.

You all blend so perfectly together with beautiful harmonies and effortless synergy. During the songwriting process do you all always write together or do you develop ideas individually before bringing them to fruition as a band?

 It really just depends on the song. Kendra and I will always be the ones writing for the band. In this case, we got together with Joel and the three of us buckled down and got the song done. Other times it’s Kendra and I together and in other cases either Kendra or I will bring in completed songs that we workshop together. It’s pretty great to be able to do that though, it gives more ideas and depth knowing the process is never really the same.

We’d love to know what’s next on the horizon for you! Can we expect to hear more new music coming soon or even some concert dates later this year once venues open back up?

Without giving too much away, you can definitely expect to hear more music from us in the very near future. We are just writing in quarantine and re-arranging our set to reflect where we are as a band, when things return we want our live show to be the best thing we have done on stage. We can not wait for venues to be open again, whether it’s on stage or in the front row! Playing live to a crowd is what we adore doing and we are really looking forward to singing “Catch Up” live with the band. Looking forward to seeing what life brings post these restrictions.




Catch Uprelease date: 04.24.20

Image Credits: P. S. Cheng

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