Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

INTERVIEW with Joey Brodnax on his new single “On Contact”

Despite the unprecedented challenges that this year has posed to many artists, one silver lining has been the fact that it has given many musicians extra time to experiment with their unique sound and dive deeper into their writing. As proof with his explosive brand new single, “On Contact“, one artist who is rising out of the ashes of 2020 is the immensely talented, Nashville-based singer-songwriter, producer, director, and all-around creative force-of-nature, Joey Brodnax.

I last interviewed Joey back in January to chat about the release of his debut single “GOODgD“, and since then he has released a handful of incredible new songs, developing a strong repertoire as a buzzing young musical artist. He’s done all of this in addition to continuing his already-accomplished work as one of the most sought-after young music video directors, having created awe-inspiring cinematic music videos for artists like Briston Maroney, EDEN, Betcha, Taylor Noelle, and many others.

Joey Brodnax is a creative genius who has found a way to effortlessly channel his diverse talents into various mediums, proving that his dynamic artistry is always on the cutting edge. Now he’s delivered his explosive brand new single “On Contact” accompanied by a brilliant self-directed music video.

On Contact” is bold and anthemic, filled to the brim with lyrics that cut to the core and pack a serious punch. His vocals and production with “On Contact” are the most powerful I’ve heard from him so far, making me eager to hear what else he has in store next for us.

Joey was kind enough to give me some insight into his new single “On Contact“, his creativity in 2020, and what we can expect from him in the future:

“On Contact” is one of your most dynamic songs to date and packs a powerful punch both musically and lyrically. Can you tell us how this song came together?

“On Contact” was a few months worth of feelings that found their way out of my head and into a logic project over the course of about 3 days. 

You’ve now released a handful of incredible songs since we last caught up with you at the beginning of this year for your debut single “GOODgD”. How has your songwriting and artistic process evolved this year throughout all your releases?

Thank you so much! And yes, last time we spoke in January the world hadn’t flipped upside down just yet. For the past few years being “creative” has been my livelihood. This year has challenged that a good bit. With quarantine, some days felt like challenges simply in terms of figuring out what to do with myself all day. Music production was a constant, therapeutic answer.

You’ve already proven your ability to work with a variety of artists as a director, but do you also hope to see yourself collaborate with other artists as a producer and/or songwriter? 

I’m open to it! Working with artists is what I love about all this. Not really looking to build a portfolio/climb any ladders though. Music doesn’t really feel like something I’m chasing anymore as much as it is something I’m now able to openly have a joy discovering.

What does the rest of the year look like for you; any new songs or projects we can look forward to?

Yes! 3 more songs this year.




On Contactrelease date: 09.25.20

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