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INTERVIEW with Joey Brodnax on his debut single “GOODgD”

Do the creative talents of Joey Brodnax know no bounds? That’s a question that deserves to be asked after hearing the debut single from this already accomplished director. A couple weeks ago, Brodnax released his debut single “GOODgD“, and in just under two minutes, he revealed a fresh and infectious track proving that he can deliver behind the microphone as well as behind the camera.

Joey Brodnax has already established himself as a leading music video director, working with artists such as Alec Benjamin, EDEN, Briston Maroney, and many more. His unique creative direction has brilliantly brought to life the vision of other artists; but with “GOODgD”, he has revealed that he himself has something to say.

With all of his creative endeavors keeping him busier than ever, I was grateful for him taking the time to answer my questions to dig deeper into his new music, creative vision, and future plans.

“GOODgD” is an incredible song, full of raw emotion and personal statements. Can you tell us what inspired this song and why you chose it to release it as your debut single?

I’ve tried to write music at least semi-consistently since I was like 16 or so but those songs never really made it farther than my voicememos. In 2019 I found a love for messy GarageBand beats which led to me finally trying to figure out Logic. I gave myself the summer to make as much music as I could while stumbling through late-night YouTube tutorials. Summer lasted until around November for me, but I looked up at the end of it and had a rough understanding of production and some songs that I liked and some songs that no one should ever hear. GOODgD was the first song I made that I felt like I might actually listen to it if I happened across it online or something.

Your sound is an effortless, smooth blend of multiple genres/styles. Who are some of the influences that have had an impression on the development of your unique sound?

That’s a huge compliment. Thank you so much. It’s hard to say exactly in terms of influence. But if I made a list of all the artists that felt like they punched me in the face this year it would look something like this: Saint JHN, Dijon, Rex Orange County, and Angelo De Augustine

Whether you’re writing a song or directing a music video, do your creative approach and vision differ depending on the medium, or do you apply consistent creative principles throughout all your work?

I don’t think the approach really changes for me. Often though, the vision is in a constant state of change, which I often like to lean into and cross my fingers that it leads to making something that maybe I didn’t even know was there. If at any point in any creative process I feel genuinely mystified or overwhelmed, it’s like gold. I don’t know if that makes any sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I think something great just about always happens once you finally shut up and trust yourself to start.

You seem to be at the forefront of the indie / alt / pop music scene here in Nashville, having worked with artists such as Briston Maroney, Taylor Noelle, Devon Gilfillian, Gatlin, and many more. How do you think / hope the Nashville music scene will continue to grow in the future?

There are so many music scenes in Nashville it feels impossible for me to comment on the scope of music here in full. But in the pockets I’ve fallen into, music seems like it’s reaching into this beautiful balance point of artists making music that sacrifices formula for feeling to give you more personality to enjoy, met by listeners who are really eager to discover and get lost in new music. The majority of Nashville listeners are intent ones and I love that. Nashville music constantly surprises me and I hope that never stops.

Do you plan on making a music video for “GOODgD” and if so, will you self-direct it?

WHAT IF. That’d be a whole lot of hats though. 

Do you plan on releasing any more music, or play any shows in the future?

Absolutely. Hopefully another song in early February if all goes according to plan. Shows are another thing entirely though.

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GOODgDrelease date: 01.08.20

Image credit: Allie Brodnax

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