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Interview with Goldpark on their new single “Lady Lightyear”

“We feel safe, especially stepping on stage – we’re not really worried about each other, or that a part’s not gonna get covered. There’s a lot of trust, whether its the writing room, or a studio day, or on stage at a show. We can just do our thing, and that bleeds into everything,” Wes James, of Nashville based indie-rock trio Goldpark told Streaming Department.

Fresh off an amazing debut project in 2021, “Goldpark One,” the group, consisting of Andrew Smith (guitar), Kyle Neblett (drums) and Wes James (vocals) now looks toward their sophomore project, “Goldpark Two,” starting with the first single, “Lady Lightyear,” released May 13.

We caught up with the crew at the Nashville music festival Bright Shade last month, and now were able hear more about what they have in store for 2022.

James, Smith and Neblett all emphasized with the creation of “Goldpark Two” their security and comfortability as a band only grew – streamlining the writing and production process, allowing for more freedom and space to explore.

“With the new song, and the new stuff in general, we felt a certain freedom and I think it just came from being a band for longer,” James says. “We have been touring so much, and in between writing these songs, and we just let ourselves be who we wanted to be.”

With the creation of their first EP, James noted that Goldpark was a brand new idea with no previous live shows as a group or existing recordings. But now, two years into the collective experience, arose a solid identity, purpose, passion and musical style, not bound or confined but confident and inspired.

“Our mantra became that we want to take our music seriously, but we don’t want to take ourselves too seriously,” James says. “It’s a good balancing act. It’s easy to slip into this mentality that you need to be perceived a certain way, but we felt the freedom to do stuff that not only makes other people smile, but makes us smile. If we’re laughing, we’re probably onto something good.”

With the remainder of the EP on the horizon and lots of tour dates including festivals like Bonnaroo and WonderRoad Music Fest, it’s clear that Goldpark is an authentic rock n’ roll act with organic energy heading their way and we can’t wait to hear more from them.

Head to their website for a full list of tour dates, announcements, and more.



“Lady Lightyear” release date: 05.13.22

Image Credits: Gina Di Maio

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