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INTERVIEW with Gabrielle Grace on her new single “Wayward Safety”

With her brand new single “Wayward Safety“, Nashville singer-songwriter Gabrielle Grace has shared an inspiring song with a message that gives rest to the weary and solace to the troubled soul. It’s an uplifting song that builds from a soft conversation into a soaring statement of hope and comfort.

“Wayward Safety” is the lead single from Gabrielle Grace’s upcoming EP, and the follow-up to her debut album This Beautiful Life released last year. As a young independent Nashville artist who is quickly assembling a catalog of excellent songs, we were eager to catch up with Gabrielle Grace to discuss her music, creative process, and future plans. Here is what she had to say:

“Wayward Safety” is a powerful and inspiring song. Can you tell us how it came to life?

When I wrote “Wayward Safety”, I remember writing it in two parts. It is rare that I leave songs unfinished because I’m so type A and it lingers in my head until it’s finished, but this song so happened to turn out best like that. I remember that it was October of 2018 and college was getting more and more difficult. I couldn’t finish the song with the lack of sleep I had and I was so upset because I didn’t think I’d have the same writing process the next day. The song came out of just playing around on the guitar and singing out some words. At the time I really didn’t know what to attach the first two verses to but then it made sense when I finished the song a week later. I finished the song a week later when I just felt the weight of everything on me. It wasn’t even my own weight, but the weight of my friends. I saw a lot of them stressed, hurting, and confused. For me, I am a very empathetic person so it’s easy for me to take on things that aren’t always healthy ha! With that being said, it helped me finish what became “Wayward Safety”. The song is a kind of song that you want to put on in your car when you’ve had a rough day. “Oh darling won’t you take me” is for anyone in your life who makes the burdens lighter. This song specifically is for my friends. I hope it brings you joy and makes your burdens a little lighter!

It sounds you also have an EP coming soon. Can you give us any details on that?

I know one thing and that is that I am so so so excited for this EP release. I am working with my producer and friend Keith Harris on this EP. Keith and I met last year when I was in the vocal and mixing stages on my album, “This Beautiful Life”. Through the process of being in the studio with him, I knew I wanted to work with him in the future. We are currently finishing up recording and I can tell y’all that I will be putting out another single after Wayward before we release the EP. I am hoping that we will release it in either April or May. I will be planning some EP release shows with some close friends of mine. This EP will be five songs and will have a special guest on one song that we wrote together 🙂

How has your experience as a worship pastor shaped your style as a singer-songwriter?

I absolutely love this question because I don’t think I’d write the same without ministry. I started playing guitar at the age of nine and from there I got involved in my youth band playing every Wednesday night. That has shaped me into who I am now and the way I look at the power of words. I will never ever force my views upon someone else so I really don’t mention God’s name in a lot of my music but I do try to tell a story of hope in everything I do. I like sad music probably too much at times, but when it comes to my writing I really try to be hope-filled. Just as I hope to be transparent with my congregation, I want to do the same to my listeners. I deal with anxiety, I go through hard times, I struggle with seeing myself as enough, and I care too much about what others think. I want to talk about those things. I want to lament because that’s what David did. I also want to tell someone that there is hope because there isn’t a bad ending for you or me. There is good and people are good. Good people need good stories. I hope I can tell good stories. 

You released your excellent debut full-length album This Beautiful Life last year. What has the process been like releasing your music as an independent artist?

Wow, thank you for that! What an amazing ride it has been since releasing This Beautiful Life. When I first released this album, I really did it for the sake of loving music. I didn’t release singles because I honestly wanted it to be released as a whole and give it to people like that. I didn’t want to care about streams and get so attached to the idea of caring so much about what people think. I was also in college recording and putting out that record so I was also learning a lot at the time. I didn’t study music or music business and I didn’t feel the pressure of what usually is supposed to happen in music. After I released This Beautiful Life, I graduated from college and did not anticipate to have the feedback I did from the album. I knew that people close to me cared, but I didn’t know more people would that I didn’t even know. Being an independent artist and really doing things on your own is hard. It takes fundraising, making merch, booking for yourself, and connecting. Do I think about streams now? Of course, and I’ll be honest about that. I will have to say, my life has changed in a year and what I think about music now. I don’t care about the numbers but it’s more of the fact that I want someone to hear something they can relate to.

What has been your experience within the Nashville indie singer-songwriter community?

This community is something special, I am telling you. I am being so honest that this community is truly the most supportive of each other. I have never EVER felt like someone has tried to just be rude and never connect with me. Everyone loves helping each other and learn from one another. Whether it is in co-writes, booking, touring, or just helping someone connect with someone else you know, it is all for the sake of passion. Everyone cares about their art and I think that is evident in the way it’s brought into the community. We help each other for the sake of art. Nobody wants something fake or dishonest. I love this community and I am truly thankful for everyone I’ve met so far and who I meet on the way!

Do you have any shows or tours coming up?

I always try to book at least three shows a month because I absolutely love it but I am planning some tours with some of my friends this spring! We are looking at Chattanooga, Memphis, Nashville (of course), Florida, Virginia, and Indiana. With the EP releasing I have challenged myself to put together a tour whenever it comes closer to time. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories after shows. Music is great but man, there is something about house shows and the community they bring. House show tours… coming soon 🙂




Wayward Safety release date: 02.07.20

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