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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Saint Nomad on their new remix for “Rain In Paris”

After the release of their incredible debut album, Memento Mori, last year, Saint Nomad has continued to develop as one of the most exciting alternative / electronic bands that you NEED to know. This band of brothers, comprised of Nikita, Ruslan, and Yan Odnoralov, harness their natural chemistry to create modern, dynamic, and irresistible music.

Saint Nomad‘s lead singer, Nikita Odnoralov, was kind enough to answer my questions about their exquisite new remix singles for “Rain in Paris” and “El Dorado“, as well as his reflections on their debut album Memento Mori and what we can expect from them in the future!

Today you’re releasing an incredible new remix of “Rain In Paris”. Can you tell us how this remix came about?

“Absolutely! This remix was produced by Ruslan and Julie. Ruslan had a specific vision for the song from the get-go and I think Julie only added more positive vibes to the track. The song itself and even the original music video I think lended themselves to there eventually being a remix so it felt like a natural progression of the song’s life.”

Last month you also released an infectious re-imagined version of “El Dorado”, once again remixed by your very own brother and bandmate Ruslan. How much depth and versatility does it add to your musical arsenal to have Ruslan’s production abilities available to the band?

“It’s really a blessing and a curse Haha! Because we are pretty honest with ourselves and with each other, oftentimes Ruslan has to make many versions of a song for everyone to get on the same page. He has made countless versions of nearly every song on the record. The ones that make it are ones we all agree on.”

Your debut album Memento Mori was a brilliant and explosive launch of Saint Nomad. What are some lessons you learned from that album that you look to carry into future releases?

“I really don’t want to overthink stuff. We did that over and over and over. I think we’ve done the whole soul searching thing and that is how we ended up with Saint Nomad in the first place.  I don’t feel like we’ve arrived or anything, but I do feel like we’ve defined a sound and a vision. Now I want to release music that is pouring out in this vein and stop over analyzing every sound.”

Can fans expect more new music in 2020?


Having had experience living and developing as musicians in Nashville, how supportive has this city been to an alternative / electronic band like Saint Nomad?

“Yan and I live in Denver. Ruslan lives in Nashville. We love both cities actually, having lived 7 years in Nashville the vibe of the community and just the overall atmosphere has really inspired me. There is a strong electronic alternative indie scene developing in town. I think the city itself is challenging too though. It’s challenging because you see first-hand how the industry burns people and if you let the industry crush you it will. But if you learn what you need to survive and learn how to protect what is important to you, how to foster and grow your artistry, you will actually thrive.”

As we near the end of 2019, what have been some of your favorite songs and/or albums released by other artists this year?

“I love Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend. Years & Years has put out some great stuff this year too. I’ve also liked a lot of the records on Hollywood’s Bleeding by Post Malone. Another record that comes to mind is Cigarettes After Sex “Falling in Love”. I love that band.”

Do you have any concerts coming up soon?

“Yes! We’re playing a show in Nashville on Nov. 14th. I would ask fans to keep tabs on our Instagram as the details emerge!”

Click here to listen to “Rain In Paris (RUSLAN & Julie Lov Remix)” on Spotify!

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Rain In Paris (RUSLAN & Julie Lov Remix)” release date: 10.25.19 | Label: Curb / Word Entertainment

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