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Exclusive Interview with FAMES on their new singles “Love la / Fuck LA” & “Hands”

Through their anthemic sound and infectious hooks, FAMES has already begun to make a name for themselves in the LA music scene, after having relocated there from Nashville only a couple of years ago. Comprised of Ian Johnson, Wesley Chandler, and Blair Heumann, FAMES launched their first single “Palm Springs” last year and have since been relentlessly releasing song-after-song of epic pop-rock tracks, each one more grandiose than the last. With their latest double-single “Love la / Fuck LA” and “Hands” they’ve delivered two incredible songs that are bound to land on everybody’s summer playlist.

The guys from FAMES were kind enough to answer my questions about the creation and inspiration of their new songs, their plans for the future, and more!

Love la / Fuck LA” is an explosive statement on your relationship with Los Angeles. Can you give more insight into the inspiration behind the song?

“Immediately when we moved to LA we were faced with the reality of how hard this city can be on a person/band/etc. The pressure to succeed and the desire to “make it” can be very overwhelming but as a band, we just couldn’t give up. We’re all very hard workers so we just kinda had to say fuck it and go for it. The topic in the song is directly about the insanity of dating in LA. How people can drag you around and leave you wondering what the hell is going on? and why do I keep coming back for more?”

Why did you decide to move to LA from Nashville a couple of years ago?

“I think we all ran out our time in Nashville. We all were drinking a lot and had some failed relationships that we needed to let go of. When we took the first trip out to LA it became home almost instantly.”

How has LA influenced your sound and style as a new band?

“We all started diving into a lot of pop music from the 80’s and current contemporary stuff we all fell in love with. But we realized somewhat of a lacking within that world of the big guitars and in your face drum sounds, which has always been the core of our band. So we focused on finding a balance between those two worlds.”

How did your second new single “Hands” come about?

“We were in the studio a few months back and the whole day every idea just wasn’t working. The whole throwing paint at the wall hoping something sticks and nothing did. So we sat down with our producer Kevin Bard with just an acoustic guitar and the chorus to HANDS showed itself. Lyrically and production-wise it was the best thing we’ve done to this point. Very proud of that track.”

So far you guys have released multiple stand-alone singles, do you have plans for an EP or Album in the near future?

“Honestly we are not really sure at this point. At this point with these two songs coming out were just going to keep pumping out singles until we get to a point where the discussion of an EP or album happens.”

Who are some artists that you look to for inspiration, and who would be some dream collaborators (artists, producers, etc..) that you’d love to work with in the future?

“We’ve all been listening to the 1975’s latest album, LANY, this new band that Jack Antonoff started called Redhearse. Pretty much anything he does we all dig. Dream producer to work with would have to be Ryan Tedder.”

How has it felt to perform your new music to a live audience?

“Even better than we thought it would. We’ve only played two shows but the crowd and environment were pretty amazing. Looking forward to playing constantly and getting this show on the road.”

Do you have any new shows on the books or tours coming up?

“We’ll be at Madame Siam in Hollywood August 28th. Shows after that are in the works and we’ll be announcing soon.”

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“Love la/ Fuck LA” and “Hands” release date: 08.23.19 | Label: self-released

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