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INTERVIEW with Annika Bennett on her latest single “Your World”

If you’re paying close attention to the Nashville indie-pop scene you’ve probably heard the name Annika Bennett by now. But if not, allow me to introduce you to one of the most exciting young artists in Music City, whose new single “Your World” is the latest proof of her impeccable artistry.

With “Your World” Bennett effortlessly encapsulates the unadulterated elation and overpowering bliss of young love. Through her crystal clear voice and vibrant melody, she gracefully delivers an infatuating song that serves as a dazzling addition to her growing repertoire.

Simply put, Annika Bennett is a star-in-the-making, proven through her singles, co-writes with artists such as gnash, Catie Turner, and Gatlin, as well as brilliant collaborations like her brand new track “Only Know How To Love You” with Jordy Searcy. Naturally, I was eager to get to know more about such a talented and dynamic artist and Annika was very kind to answer my questions on “Your World“, her inspirations, influences, and much more.

We’re in love with your latest single “Your World”. Can you tell us the inspiration behind this song and how it came to life?

I wrote Your World at the start of falling in love, as a way to understand why I was simultaneously feeling so happy in the relationship and so sad within myself. Through the course of writing the song, I realized this person felt like an escape from my own life and problems. I tried to capture all these conflicting emotions in the lyrics.

One of the lines that hits the hardest in “Your World” is: “…when you want to hear about the nights I stay in, how it’s been a bad year, full of new shit I don’t want to deal with and don’t need to share”. With 2020 being such an unprecedented and difficult year, can you tell us a bit about how you have managed to navigate these trying times as a young artist?

I think I’m learning to be kinder to myself. As a young artist, it’s really easy to feel like you’re not doing enough, or you’re not spending your time in the right ways, or you’re not writing songs that are commercial enough, etc. But this year has been so unpredictable and chaotic that it’s forced me to trust that things will work out okay, even if they don’t feel okay in the moment.

“Your World” comes fresh off the heels of your critically-acclaimed single “Sober Up”. Will both these songs be included on an upcoming EP, and if so, can you give us some insight on when we can expect to hear more new music? 

Yes! These are the first two singles off a five song EP. The third song will be out later this fall!

Not only have you proven your songwriting skills for your own music, but you’ve also written with other artists including: gnash, Jordy Searcy, Catie Turner, Gatlin and others. Does your creative process differ depending on if you’re writing for yourself or others?

When I’m writing for myself, it’s a super solitary process of figuring out how I feel and finding words for it. So writing for other artists has been really fun and refreshing because I can throw a bunch of ideas out and let the artist decide what rings true or not. I’ve also become good friends with a lot of the artists I write with, so there’s a social aspect to cowriting that’s really fun.

Having moved to Nashville from New York, can you talk a bit about that transition, and how the Nashville artist community has welcomed you and helped you develop as an artist?

I think it was really cool to move to Nashville and meet a bunch of people my age who were all so talented and unique and driven. The community here feels so much more supportive than competitive, and I’m very grateful for that.

You have such a unique musical style. Can you tell us who are some other artists that inspire you, and who might be a dream collaboration for you one day?

Paul Mccartney, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, The 1975, Grimes, Kacey Musgraves, Mac Miller. And 100000 more. My dream collaboration is probably Dominic Fike – I’ve been obsessed with his album since it came out.

We’re having serious concert withdrawal and would love to see you play these songs live when venues open back up. Do you have plans to play some shows in the near future?

Unfortunately I don’t 🙁 




“Your World” release date: 09.25.20

Image Credits: Jessica Dimento

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