Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Annie Dirusso Announces Headline Tour

Annie Dirusso, riding the high of opening for Samia on her latest U.S. run, just announced her first ever headline tour – “The Crying Everywhere Tour”. 

Scheduled for 11 dates across the U.S. with indie artist Caroline Culver as the opening act – who’s latest show in Nashville at The East Room was a sold-out success we got to attend – this run is gearing up to be a landmark experience for Dirusso.

We sat down with the artist to hear all about her reflections from the shows with Samia, and everything she’s looking forward to in this next step.

Before the tour with Samia, Dirusso had never played full band shows every night of a multiple city tour. But with a fan base that had grown exponentially during the pandemic, Dirusso explains how amazing it was to travel and finally get to meet all the new people she’d connected with over the past two years.

“It was just really really sweet to be able to see people who I’ve chatted with online or who have reached out to me, and see them in person, and get to play them these songs,” She says. “I’d really never played shows like this before where people knew my music, so that was really different and cool for me. Overall it was very affirming in knowing that this is what I want to do.” 

While there were definitely some nerves coming into the tour, Dirusso says it only took a couple shows to find a comfortable rhythm and feel like she could channel that energy toward excitement and creating an electric performance each night.

From developing a pre-show routine, building out an intentional set, and even coordinating specific moments for an all band choreographed dance, or matching accessories – Dirusso says she is eager to carry over all the elements cultivated on the tour with Samia into her headline tour, making it stronger than ever.

“The live show is my favorite part,” Dirusso says, when we asked how she approaches a live performance versus writing a new song, or working in the studio. “I do it all in order to do the shows. When I’m playing a live set I try to angle it around general authenticity. I want to be moving in a way that is natural to my body and where I’m not trying to ‘put anything on,’ even in what I’m saying.”

From meaningful explanations about the songs, to interacting with the audience, Dirusso says the intention behind her live set is to create moments that are planned, but not fabricated, intentional but not forced.

Dirusso also notes how nice it was to have a foundation of friendship with Samia on the tour she just wrapped up – an aspect she also looks forward to on “The Crying Everywhere Tour,” with Culver.

The friendship and comfortability amongst the entire crew, including other acts and Dirusso’s band, is what allows for the beautiful, unexpected moments that happen on stage. Dirusso notes her strategy is to often just ask “What if we did xyz…?” and then, they just go for it.

Every single night on the Samia tour the crowd was full of energy, additionally propelled forward by the crossover of fanbase between the artists. Dirusso expects the same to take place on this next group of dates as Culver’s powerful, personal pop-rock style leads right into the coming-of-age angst felt in her own tunes.

Tickets for “The Crying Everywhere Tour,” are available now. We strongly suggest making it a priority to catch these two emerging artists live this spring, as shows of this size probably won’t come around again as Dirusso’s fan base grows every day.




Image Credits: Muriel Margaret