Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Cam Cool At The End [GALLERY]

There are some moments in the local Nashville music scene that seem to encapsulate the aura of community, friendship, mutual support and just, fun, that comes with indie music.

The celebration of the release of Cam Cool‘s EP ‘The Magnitude of This Moment Is Not Lost on Me,’ represented that type of feeling beautifully. Alongside openers Macho Planet and Legit Smitty, the young band Cam Cool threw a big party with their friends on December 3, 2021, and we got to join in.

Held at grunge Nashville venue The End, each act had the crowd jumping and dancing, in true rock n’ roll fashion. There was an element of peace and belonging in the room, as well as childlike joy and excitement visible on everyone’s face.

Having the show at The End was a bit of a full circle moment for the Cam Cool guys, as it was the first venue group founders Aaron and Tyler Cage attended a concert in Nashville. Check out the full gallery of the homecoming show below, and make sure you give their EP a listen.



Image credits: Keely Caulder

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