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Marielle Kraft embraces changes to creativity spurred by Nashville, TikTok and touring

While the creative process for many artists can feel very linear, kept by a tight grip in order to make concrete plans and exercise control, pop singer songwriter Marielle Kraft told Streaming Dept she has found contentment in learning to go with the flow of her audience and her environment. In the past few months Kraft released multiple singles without some of the structure she’s held for so long.

The tipping point for this change: having multiple songs, unplanned, gain viral traction on the social media app, TikTok. Like other songwriters in her vein, Kraft began to upload acoustic videos of her original work to the app. The video format worked for the songwriter, leading to over 1 million views, and so came “Everyone But Me,” released February 19th, “We Were Never Friends,” released March 24th, and “Second Coffee,” to be released July 22, 2021, available for pre-save now.  

Kraft, who moved to Nashville recently, says a huge part of finding this stride in writing and sharing her songs has to do with finding her sound and her people – building a community of creators who work well with her and support her unconditionally. 

“I’ve been placed with numerous resources of people, of studio time, of creatives, who are all working toward the same dream,” Kraft explained. “There are so many people in this community who are so stupid talented that it’s just easier by sheer number to find the right people to work with. But I do feel like I really struck gold with these people, seeing as I’ve only been here for a few months and I’ve already found people who have noticeably made me better is really special.”

Being able to spontaneously call up a friend who plays a role in the creative process has been key for Kraft in recent months, as the viral nature of TikTok both relieved the pressure to stay constrained to a specific release strategy, and challenged Kraft’s ability to adapt to the current needs of her audience. 

“I’m very type A,” Kraft says. “Planning out releases, planning out posts ahead of time, planning promo and PR and everything is something that I just need to have control over and so in a lot of ways although TikTok was a crazy whirlwind and does have its own pressure with a half million people waiting on this song, in another sense there was this complete lack of pressure because I didn’t even have the time to plan anything out.

I had to trust my gut more than I’ve ever had to, which is cool. I don’t think that two years ago if this were happening, I would have had a gut that I could trust yet, in music. So, in a sense, it’s like holding onto the precious, strategic planning that I’ve had up to this point, has almost prepared me to let go, because now I know who I am, more than I did two years ago. 

With every song, I chip away a little bit more at the full image of who I want to be.”

Staying open to different opportunities has proven key to Kraft’s artist development, the artist notes, even in the scope of touring, as venues open up again. 

“This fall, I’m heading on the road for the longest stretch of touring yet for me. Playing live shows is my favorite part of this career – seeing people face to face, feeling the shared energy in the room – nothing is more soul-filling for me. Even better, I’ll be joining some of my favorite artists on different legs of the tour: Jon McLaughlin, Emily Rowed, and Jordy Searcy,” Kraft says. “I can’t fully express the excitement I have to be back on the road after a year and a half of not being able to do it, especially with these new songs to share for the first time.”

Tickets for Kraft’s fall tour are on sale now, found through her website where you can also find out more about her upcoming release, and find her music anywhere you like to listen.



“We Were Never Friends” release date: 03.24.21

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