Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Your Smith | Bad Habit EP

Through a seamless mix of indie, pop, funk, and R&B, Your Smith’s debut EP has given the world a taste her unique artistry. But it’s not exactly her first project. Your Smith is the new moniker of singer-songwriter Caroline Smith, who moved from her hometown of  Minneapolis to Los Angeles to start a new chapter of her career. She been releasing music for over 10 years but recently decided to rebrand and explore a different side to her artistry. When asked why she wanted to change her stage name, she explained that she wanted a fresh start and re-branding allowed her the freedom to explore new sounds, styles, and direction as an artist.

The song that caught my attention and led me to becoming a Your Smith fan was the opening title track, “Bad Habit”.  The smooth arrangement and whispery vocals reveal how Your Smith has attained a new freedom through a simplistic approach in her new style.  The lyrics of the chorus are also brilliant, clever and relatable “I’ve got a bad habit of smoking too much, of drinking on stage. I’ve got a bad habit of living rich on minimum wage. Of needing to go, but choosing to stay, of putting it off until another day. Ive got a bad habit, but loving you is the worst one.”

The EP then rolls right into “The Spot”, an infectious pop track that is sure to become a mainstay in many summer playlists. It’s one of those songs that perfectly matches the timing of your steps as you stroll down your neighborhood sidewalk on a bright summer day. I’ve heard justified comparisons of this song to Sheryl Crow’s “All I Wanna Do”, but I think with this track and the entire EP, Your Smith is creating a sound all her own while paying homage to those artist that have inspired her. She’s revealed in interviews that some of the artists that inspired her new sound include Steely Dan, Carole King, The Eagles, and others.

Your Smith stretches her Funk and R&B wings with the last two tracks on the EP, “Debbie” and “Ooh Wee”. She delivered an awesome live session performance of “Ooh Wee” live at The Current.

With her debut EP, Your Smith has delivered a brilliant sampler of her eclectic style and reveals how her rebrand has given herself more freedom to explore the sounds and style that she loves. The EP is only around 15 minutes in length and before you know it the final note is played and your left wanting more. I’m eagerly awaiting a full-length album and fingers are crossed that it comes in 2019.

Bad Habit EP release date: 08.24.18 | Label: Neon Gold Records

Follow Your Smith on Instagram: @yoursmith | Website:

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