Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

Album Review: Samia | Scout

Following the release of her 2020 album “The Baby”, Samia has graced us with another project that is nothing short of amazing.

“Scout” is a hopefully-somber relatable project that encapsulates the many forms of love in one collective.

With honest references and retellings of her own life, the EP feels nostalgic yet present due to its storytelling and accountability. Samia continuously releases music that has a childlike ambience of reflection that inevitably has a very powerful effect on the listener. 

The EP cover art features Samia in an orange glow, clothed in a silky blush blouse resembling a cape, and a knife pressed against her cheek. The imagery of the artwork taken by Sophia Matinazad is enough to draw you in for a listen. 

Samia gave the world “Scout” which I can only describe as a a post lockdown sound of peace, and listening is a refreshing and promising experience. 

“Scout” starts the EP with the song, As You Are which is a beautiful recount of her life. As a Nashville local I can’t help but love this track due to its references of spots like 12 south’s Portland Brew and experiences like driving down Broadway with your favorite people. 

The song features heartwarming voice memos that start and end the song on such a satisfying note with a beautiful piano carried throughout.

For some reason when Samia shout-cries about loving her friends, it’s just so convincing.

In the second track, Show Up, she sings of her love for the people in her life. 

There is nothing cheesy about her execution, and it may not be an original concept to write a song of love, but her performance is so authentic. The whole EP feels like a diary entry for the people in her life, and it’s presented brilliantly with its driving guitar during the chorus of the song

Although it seems impossible to pick a favorite, Elephant might reign for me due to it’s clever chorus with a sonically darker feel that I can’t help but be drawn towards. 

The fuzzy rumble of the guitar mixed with the subtle appearance of airy synth in the beginning drew me in instantly. The chorus is engulfed by the perfect beat amidst my favorite line, “of course I brought an elephant to the most delicate place”. The song continues to impress throughout with its buzzing guitars and steady drumming. 

The EP ends with a cover of When In Rome’s pop-synth 80’s hit, The Promise.

With Jelani Aryeh singing alongside her, the cover is a perfect rendition staying true to the synth sound yet adding the modern flare that’s necessary. The lyrics within the song is a pleasant ending to the project, and a continuation of Samia’s shouts of love. 




Scout release date: 07.23.21 | Label: Grand Jury Music

Image credits: Sophia Matinazad

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