Thu. May 19th, 2022

Oh Wonder | No One Else Can Wear Your Crown

Uplifting and energetic, Oh Wonder has graced us again with their third album No One Else Can Wear Your Crown.  The London based alt-pop duo made up of Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West trademark their band with their unique synth beats and upbeat choruses. No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is a continuation from their previous albums reflecting on relationships and personal potential.

Their single, “Hallelujah“, released in 2019 was an anthem for self-empowerment and uncontained success. Not everyone is going to be a fan, but honestly, who cares. There is only one way to achieve and as Oh Wonder has clearly stated, they will succeed “whether you like it or not”. Their third album begins with “Dust” which is another melody that supports us and invests in our self-worth. Simply said, “no one else can wear crown, because it’s yours, just yours”. An homage to their album title.

And on that note, the song “How It Goes” shows vulnerability and an introverted perspective. No one can be social and energetic at all times; which matches the jazzy saxophone and low tone of the song. At times it takes a lot more bravery to express feelings and emotions to the world, not knowing how things will end. But as a meaningful conclusion, Oh Wonder sings “I’ll be invincible, won’t let my demons bring me down”.

Many of the songs have empathetic vibes that provide encouragement and certainty after the emotional whirlwind’s relationships can create. ”Better Now” seems to imply compassion for another person that is grappling with their own life hardship. It’s rare to find a song that encompasses vague sympathies, but it’s still relatable.

One of my favorite songs on No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is “In and Out of Love”. Not only does the violin emphasize the harmonious chorus, but it has an electro undertone that sounds immaculate. Maybe you have to be grounded in a beautiful relationship to fully appreciate the metaphors, however, the lyrics are heartfelt no matter what.

So many nights to find the one
I had ’em on repeat
Right when I thought my days were done
You showed the sun to me

Another favorite from the album is “Drunk On You” which is the dance version of butterflies in your stomach after just meeting someone you are fond of. Honestly, I hope this song gets remixed, it would incredible. The repeating chorus has a good progression and the beat is invigorating. And to be frank, what I really enjoy about this album, is that it doesn’t include sad post-breakup songs. The direction is closer to moving on and prospering in a new fresh light and purpose.

Not every song runs a positive theme, what does bring good sentiments is the upbeat synth focused melody that is the duo’s foremost characteristic. Their style has not changed from the previous albums, Ultralife and self-titled Oh Wonder, but why change what isn’t broken.

On a side note, the deluxe album also includes five acoustic versions of the songs, for those that aren’t entirely sold on pop-synth beats. They are equally worth a listen.





No One Else Can Wear Your Crown‘” release date: 2.7.20 | Label: Island Records

Image credits: Olga De La Iglesia

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