Tue. Jul 27th, 2021

Matt Holubowski | Weird Ones

If you need a secret escape, Matt Holubowski’s album Weird Ones is the album I have been sitting on; not entirely ready to let go. Like a warm summer rain, the melodies are purifying. The cleansing of his serene voice and remarkable lyrics manage to fulfill the folk album goals I have needed since 2019. There is nothing too melancholy, just a lovely perspective of life and an appreciation of beautiful, small things around us.

The album’s single, “Two Paper Moons” holds its own as a picturesque tragedy. The change of chords is on cue producing a vivid unique experience. Holubowski’s creativity holds no bounds. Each song has something different to appreciate.

Meanwhile, “Around Here” keeps you calm and collected. “It’s like breaking the loop in your figure eight, deep breaths on the water and get on your way.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. Whatever you are looking for, you can find the will around here. Go to your happy place and just enjoy this album. 

 Weird Ones is a continual journey. “The Highlands” travels you through country land offering the simplest of messages, go and explore. Make your choices, make your mistakes, and make your revelations. “Eyes Wider” provides the guidance you need. Because honey, “there ain’t no time”. Life keeps rolling, so as should you. This album should be your year’s anthem to compose yourself and get going. “Greener” comes full circle with the catchiest upbeat chorus reminding, “What are you waiting for? For all we know, Waiting is a shutting door”.

The near conclusion of Weird Ones catches the deep bass and electric guitar riffs.  A surprising, yet satisfying change in tone. I can’t help but be enchanted by the entirety of this album. Each song after the other follows strategized and profound. In a flawless conclusion, “Love, the Impossible Ghost”, the folky ending to a great album. Slow and steady. Insightful and inadequate. A listen worth every second.

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