Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Liza Anne | Fine But Dying

One of Nashville’s breakout indie albums of 2018 was Liza Anne’s Fine But Dying. Released on Arts & Crafts, Fine But Dying is the third studio album from Liza Anne but clearly the one that has elevated her to a new level of indie pop stardom. This album earned her critical acclaim from Billboard, Nylon, and Stereogum to name a few, and also helped her book major gigs, festivals, and even opening for Kacey Musgraves on her Oh, What A World Tour.

Fine But Dying is packed with brilliant songs, infectious melodies, and engaging lyrics. It’s a refreshing piece of art that will stand alone for years to come as a brilliantly constructed album.

It doesn’t take long for this album to grab your attention. The opening track “Paranoia” is an expertly constructed song that showcases Liza Anne’s full dynamic range and raw emotion.

The record quickly shifts into the second track and one of my favorite on the album, “Small Talks”. I never knew I needed someone to write a song about the awkward small talk conversations you have at parties until this song came along. It’s a brilliant portrayal of how unconfortable those conversations can be. This song is also where the album title came from as one of the lyrics says “Maybe I’m fine, maybe I’m dying. Oh I’m just tired, tired of trying to hold a conversation together that means nothing at all.”

In addition to high energy tracks the album also provides numerous songs with more intimate vibes. “Panic Attack” offers deep relatable lyrics that cut to a common issue that many people suffer from. “Closest To Me” is another song that offers emotional lyrics with beautiful harmonies and spacey reverberant tones.

“Kid Gloves” is another highlight from the album. The instrumentation and production reminds me of Alt-J with mechanical sounds, pounding drums, and heavy distortion. Easily one of the most badass tracks on Fine But Dying.

The closing track entitled “I’m Tired, You’re Lonely”, might just offer the most intimate and emotional glimpse into Liza Anne’s world. This live session performance not only diplays her power as a songwriter but her raw talent as a performer.

Honestly, there’s not one song on this album that I dislike. They’re all excellent in their own right and flow together to form a brilliant piece of art from this promising young artist. I can’t wait to see what Liza Anne does next.

Fine But Dying release date: 03.09.18 || Label: Arts & Crafts

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