Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Lindsey Lomis | Chapter I

It’s artists like Lindsey Lomis that make me most excited for the future of the Nashville music scene. While still in her teenage years, she has already generated serious buzz by developing a unique sound and establishing herself singer-songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist with unlimited potential.

She released her debut EP, Chapter I, earlier this year and with it delivered a handful of excellent songs that go down smoother than Tennessee whiskey, leaving you eagerly anticipating her next release.

She effortlessly blends soul, jazz, and pop and delivers a sound reminiscent of Norah Jones, John Mayer, Sara Bareilles, Michael Buble, and Amy Winehouse.

Chapter I opens with the groovy “Give Me A Chance” which features a full band and puts her dynamic vocal range at the forefront.

One of her lead singles off of Chapter I is “Meant To Be Broken”. It showcases her talent as a writer and composer and packs a punch with one of the more infectious hooks on the EP.

One of her more popular songs to date is the dreamy and relaxed track, “Simple Love”. It sets a velvety tone and rides along with an effortless flow.

“Talkin’ Bad Blues” conveys a message that everyone needs to hear at some point in their lives. It’s about not listening to the critics and staying true to yourself and the life that you want to lead. It’s another great track from Lindsey with a solid message.

Closing out the Chapter I EP is “String of Lights”, which gives a more spacey vibe and features one of my favorite vocal melodies on the EP. It’s a deceptively short song and once it’s over you might feel compelled to hit repeat a few times.

She also released an acoustic version of “Meant To Be Broken” that I can’t help but share here. It showcases her raw talent as a performer. Performances like this can’t be faked and shine a spotlight on the truly gifted artists, like Linsdey Lomis.

Lindsey Lomis has an incredibly bright future as an artist. It’s so exciting and refreshing to see an artist with her sound making a name for herself in Nashville. Her raw talent is undeniable and I can’t wait to hear what she does next.

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Chapter I release date: 01.18.19 | Label: Bresslyn Entertainment

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