Fri. Dec 9th, 2022

Katie Pruitt | OurVinyl Live EP

Some musicians are destined for greatness and you can tell within the first few seconds of hearing their music that they’ll have a long, award-winning career. Such is the case with Katie Pruitt.

Originally hailing from Atlanta, Katie Pruitt has made Nashville her home and hit the ground running. She was named one of Rolling Stone’s New Country Artists You Need To Know, one ofNPR’s Slingshot Artists of 2019 and was chosen as the Luck Reunion Artist on the Rise for SXSW 2019.

At a young age she already has the voice and musical skills that many continuously strive to attain in their careers. Her voice is raw, emotional and powerful. She has a natural control and restraint, but when she releases the full power of her vocals it brings comparisons of Janis Joplin and Brandi Carlile.

I remember the first time I heard Brandi Carlile back in 2007 I immediately became a life-long fan and knew she was destined for greatness. I had the exact same gut reaction after hearing Katie Pruitt for the first time. Mark my words, Katie Pruitt will be a grammy award-winning artist and grow into one of the most powerful singer-songwriters in the next five to ten years.

While she hasn’t released a studio album yet, she did release a live session EP in partnership with OurVinyl in 2018. Kudos to OurVinyl for not only recognizing her and giving a platform for her music to reach new audiences, but for also brilliantly capturing her performances in a way that showcases her talent. Do yourself a favor a watch all these performances when you can. They display Katie’s natural musicianship, incredible voice, and stage-presence.

“Loving Her” might be the most powerful both in lyrics and performance. There’s a moment in the bridge of this song where she unleashes the full power of her voice and it might just give you chills.

My second favorite song on this live EP, after “Loving Her”, is “Grace Has A Gun”. Katie delivers an incredible performance and displays her vocal dynamics by effortlessly weaving in-and-out with softly sung verse lyrics into a passionately exclaimed chorus.

My third favorite song on this live EP is “My Minds A Ship That’s Down”. Well-written is an understatement. She conveys an emotional, engaging, and personal story with these lyrics, proving her understanding and ability as a songwriter.

In addition to these songs, the six track EP includes “Ordinary”, “This Isn’t A Love Song” and “Wishful Thinking”. All of which are just as powerful making this a brilliant EP from Katie Pruitt.

Katie has toured with artists like Ruston Kelly and played various festivals as she continues to build her base and develop her artistry. I’m excited to see her grow and eager to hear new music from her in 2019.

Katie Pruitt Our Vinyl Live EP release date: 03.02.18 | Label: Self-Released

Katie Pruitt Instagram: @katiepruittmusic| Website:

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