Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Gia Margaret | There’s Always Glimmer

There’s Always Glimmer, the debut full-length album from Chicago-native, Gia Margaret, is a beautifully serene piece of musical art that feeds your emotional grief while at the same time bringing a sense of healing and peace.

With her gentle vocals, smooth instrumentation and somber vibes, Gia Margaret has established herself as singer-songwriter playing in same realm as Phoebe Bridgers and Miya Folick.

The album title is derived from the opening track “Groceries”, wherein she describes combating a sense of heavyheartedness with an uplifting message of hope. “Though it’s not easy to see, There’s always glimmer.”

The second track, “Birthday”, is one of the focus songs on the album. Do yourself a favor and watch the music video for “Birthday” below. The video is a beautiful interpretation of this song and conveys the message of melancholy Gia delivers through her lyrics.

With “Smoke”, you can hear Gia Margaret’s classical piano skills shining brightly. She delivered a graceful performance of “Smoke” for the fine folks at Audiotree.

“Goodnight” is another of my favorite songs on the album. The production and overall vibe of this song reminds me of a secret long-lost Postal Service track.

Employing an acoustic guitar and smooth vocal harmonies, Gia Margaret delivers a standout track with “Looking”. In songs like this you can hear the impact that great singer-songwriters such as Nick Drake has had on forming Gia Margaret’s sound and style.

“Sugar” is another favorite of mine. In many of her songs, including “Sugar”, Gia so eloquently and emotionally describes her sense of nostalgia while at the same time conveying the emotional distress of present situations. The hook of “Sugar” is also one of my favorite melodies on the album and contains a line that you just want to keep singing in your head throughout the day. “No sugar or cream. Only good things. You know that I’m covered in green. Only good things.”

The album wraps up with the appropriately simple song “West”. The tone of “West” feels like you are watching the set slowly set over the horizon after a long day and gives a sense of peaceful closure to “There’s Always Glimmer”.

I think Gia Margaret knocked it out of the park with “There’s Always Glimmer”. Her talent as a skilled songwriter is evident and showcased beautifully on this debut album. I’m excited to hear what’s next.

There’s Always Glimmer release date: 07.27.18 | Label: Orindal Records

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